Rege-Jean Page may reappear in Season 3 of Bridgerton

Reg-Jean Paige, 34, began his film career a long time ago, but it was only thanks to The Bridgerton that he became famous around the world.

After the first season, many users of the network admired the Duke of Hastings and the actor had hundreds, if not thousands of fan clubs.

However, in the second season, Rege-Jean refused to participate in the film. There were rumors that he had decided to audition for the role of the new James Bond.

By the way, Paige can really become Agent 007 – bookmakers insist he is only slightly shorter than Tom Hardy – most likely Bond.

Reg himself stressed that he was very flattered to be on the list of actors chosen for this iconic role. However, we can hardly believe that he can handle two such large projects at once.

The other day, reporters from The Sun spoke with insiders who stressed that Regge’s view of Bridgerton had changed a lot.

“He was quite open about his intention to leave the show to try his hand at other projects.

But a dialogue recently took place between him and the leaders of the series, after which he began to think about returning.

There are no details yet, but we advise you to follow the updates, “the source said.

“It’s hard to believe that the producers are persuading him to come back,” “I think he himself wanted to come back to the show after realizing there were no new offers,” “Pride Precedes Autumn,” according to Internet users.

Although the Bridgeton series does not follow Quinn’s books at all, it certainly follows the general basis of the novels.

“We definitely plan to follow each of them Bridgerton romances of siblings, “Rhimes told Entertainment Tonight.

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