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Rebel Wilson Ramona Citrus

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Rebel Wilson and her handsome Ramona citrus passionately embraced on a luxury yacht during a holiday in France on June 17. In the romantic photos of The Daily Mail, the couple wrapped their arms around each other as they stroked each other. Rebel wore knee-length bright green shorts, a matching hood, and a traditional gray T-shirt. Meanwhile, each friend wore a top with a tie, lavender tracksuits, and a low bun.

Rebel Wilson and Ramona Citrus
Rebel Wilson and Ramona Citrus (BACKGRID)

The charming photos come shortly after Rebel announced it new connection to the world via Instagram on June 9, 2022. An EXCLUSIVE SOURCE talk with HollywoodLife and gave us inside information about the relationship.

“They met through mutual friends about 6 months ago and immediately got along,” said an insider of the happy couple. “They train together, cook dinners together and are with each other 24/7 almost.”

“It was literally love at first sight and the two have been inseparable ever since,” they continued. “They have met the other’s family and friends and traveled together on countless journeys. Ramona inspires Rebel to be the best she can be. ”

The source then added that although Rebel initially wanted to keep her relationship down, her close friends and family were aware of the courtship from the beginning. “Although it took Rebel a while to figure it out, she doesn’t hide it from her family at all,” they said. “They are an extremely affectionate couple and are more than sweet together. You can feel the love when you look at them together … anyone can. It’s like magic and obviously it should have been. “

Second source EXCLUSIVELY join in HollywoodLife to share more intimate details about Rebel and Ramona’s relationship, including how her friends feel about the situation. “They have never seen Rebel so happy and excited that she has found someone to compliment her so perfectly. “Ramona is exactly what Rebel needs a partner and they love that she chose to announce this during Pride,” they said.

“Rebel and Ramona are such an amazing couple and everyone calls them a ‘dynamic duo,'” the second source added. “They’re great to be around, they always laugh and make jokes and they have amazing chemistry. Although Rebel is usually the life of the party, she loves that Ramona can be up to date every step of the way.

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