Rachel Madow shows why next 1/6 committee hearing could be criminally dangerous for Trump

Rachel Madow said the criminal investigations were not hypothetical for tomorrow’s 1/6 committee hearing. They are already happening.

Maddow Video:

Madou said:

There has been a lot of discussion, comment and speculation about what the crossroads is until this January 6 investigation, from which we see all these hearings. And prosecution, the possible prosecution of people who tried to pull the scheme. This whole question just hangs far above all these hearings, above all that the investigators of January 6 have revealed about the findings of these hearings. What we will see tomorrow, at tomorrow’s hearing, is the part where this is no longer a hypothetical discussion.

These things from Georgia, the threats to the workers, the threats to the state workers they needed to commit false fraud, allegations are changing the election results. This is definitely already in the process of criminal investigation. You don’t have to speculate on what might happen if a prosecutor decides to investigate. Prosecutors are investigating this. State prosecutors have formed a grand jury, which also works on possible charges under state law.

The case is also reportedly under criminal investigation by the Federal Ministry of Justice. Georgian officials were reportedly interviewed. The pressure on U.S. election officials and election workers, as well as the violent fake lists of Trump voters, ranging from Georgia and six from the state. These are parts of Trump’s conspiracy that we already know are being actively investigated by federal and state prosecutors working with federal and state grand juries.

The whole question of whether the January 6 investigation is examining possible crimes, but prosecutors will be interested, what we will enter into tomorrow’s hearing is the part that is already happening. And we still don’t know what that means for the next hearing tomorrow. It will be new.

Witnesses who testify tomorrow will speak about acts under investigation. The conversation shifts from the potential for criminal investigation to people and activities subject to criminal investigation.

The 1/6 committee hearing on Tuesday crossed the threshold and could be the most dangerous so far for Donald Trump.

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