Rachel Bilson dishes RARE scams about Bill Hader’s romance – and suggests that the separation was “harder than birth”!

Rachel Bilson reveals about your love life!

After being squeezed through their months-long romance, OK the star finally confirmed that she really had something to do with Bill Hader!! While chatting with a guest Aubrey Plaza in this week’s episode of her podcast Broad ideasthe actress confirmed that she and the Saturday night live star of a meeting “two years ago”. The revelation was news to Aubrey, who replied:

“Are you serious? I don’t know ** t. I don’t know anything.”


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It would be easy for her to miss the romance given the couple he never discussed it in public. However, they made a very remarkable appearance together when they came out on the red carpet in 2020. Golden Globe. Rachel joked.

“We were going out. I went with him to the Devil’s King Golden Globe.

True! The couple, who have been partners in the Roma Committee since 2013 The list of things to doattended the star-studded event after being spotted at a coffee meeting in Bill’s hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma in late 2019. But by July, they were already called giving upsix months after his debut on the red carpet.

Until the 40-year-old went into the depths for her throw Bari actor, in a previous episode with Mandy Mooreshe is really talking about experiencing a brutal separation during the pandemic that left her “absolutely devastated”. And the weather looks pretty accurate!

IN Dixie Hart alum told This is us star that she “experienced a really difficult separation and that was during the pandemic”, specifying:

“I couldn’t leave my house, do you understand what I mean?” I had nothing to do but sit in it, deal with it and feel it. That’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done, harder than giving birth. “

That sounds awful! Who knew they had become so serious ?!

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Rachel, who shares a daughter Briar Rose7, with use Hayden ChristensenShe went on to say that parting with an unnamed partner “hurts like a devilish bitch”, but now she is grateful that she was forced to feel that she felt so direct:

“If you really run into that, you can come out of it and say, ‘Okay, I did this and I’m ready for the next thing.’

It’s not clear if she’s moved yet, but Bill certainly is! He is currently connected to his Noel co-star Anna Kendrick – with whom she started dating a few months after parting ways with Reich! Maybe that’s why separation was so difficult. Maybe she sensed that he was moving WHILE they were still together !? I’m not sure we’ll ever find out!

Anyway, don’t expect to hear much more about the Anna / Bill relationshipor They also keep things quiet, said a source E! News:

“It’s been going on for a long time, but Anna really kept it in the DL.”

We’re sure it was hard for Rachel to see this – especially if those heartbreaking comments were really about the funny man! Reactions, readers of Perezcious? Why do you think she’s discussing the relationship after all this time? Let us know (below)!

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