Propstore sells rare Star Wars X-wing Red Leader

Propstore, one of the largest and most respected Hollywood souvenirs and collectible auction houses in the world is hosting its summer start this week, with over 18,000 items across the spectrum of film, television and pop culture franchises to be sold from Tuesday to Thursday (June 21 – 23).

In addition to many like the glowing replica of the DeLorean time machine from “Back to the Future“trilogy, the stuntman of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) Mölnir Hammer from” Thor “from 2011 and SFX the hand of Johnny Depp from 1990.” Edward Scissorhands “,” jewelry on the crown of the auction is incredibly rare original X-wing Starfighter (opens in a new section)model used in the shooting of “Star Wars: New Hope“Pre-auction estimates suggest that this meager gemstone could sell for between $ 500,000 and $ 1,000,000!”

Rare Star Wars: A New Hope X-Wing Model – Credit: Propstore (Image Credit: Propstore)

Measuring 22 “x 18” x 8 “(56 cm x 46 cm x 20 cm), this 1:24 scale X-wing fighter is one of the few actual miniatures created for Star Wars: New Hope. “This authentic model was originally created as a pyro model Red Leader (Red One), which survived the rear explosive charge, then was repainted lightly and dressed as a model Biggs (Red Three) with additional stripes on the wings and other touches. It is made of light hard foam with airbrush details.

According to the catalog, this is considered to be the only surviving X-wing model from the original. “star Wars“Which exists in a private collection. No other high-quality pyro examples are known to have survived the shooting, and the four character models are in George Lucas’ private collection.

Top view of the X-Wing auction model – Credit: Propstore (Image Credit: Propstore)

This X-wing from Star Wars is registered as Lot № 386 and will be sold at auction on Tuesday, June 21 (opens in a new section). The event starts at 8 am PDT and the items are sold sequentially through a live auctioneer. Fans and buyers you can register for bidding (opens in a new section) or join to watch the live broadcast on auction day.

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