President Trump has offered to pardon J6 defendants if he becomes president again

Speaking at the Coalition for Faith and Freedom conference in Nashville, President Donald Trump promised to take “very seriously” the January 6 pardons of some defendants.

Trump said “they have been treated unfairly” and “their lives have been completely destroyed.”

Only The News reported:

Former President Donald Trump said on Friday that he would consider pardoning some defendants facing federal charges for participating in the January protest. 6 Capitol Riot, if he returns to office in 2024.

TREND: EXCEPTIONAL: After New Mexico County Commissioner Cowie Griffin voted to desert the latest illegal election results, he was sentenced to 14 days for a peaceful protest against the stolen 2020 elections on January 6.

Speaking at a coalition of faith and freedom coalition in Nashville, Trump said “and if I become president one day, if I decide to do so, I will take them very, very seriously for mercy” for the Epoch Times.

“They have been treated very unfairly,” he said, without elaborating. The former president further condemned the federal treatment of the cases of those facing charges related to the incident, saying that “their lives have been completely destroyed and [that they are] they are treated worse than terrorists and murderers, although most are accused of parading through the Capitol.


That promise comes when some GOP officials began sounding the alarm about the January 6 harassment of some defendants.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Green, who was finally allowed to go to jail, described appalling conditions for some of the accused.

This included refusing to receive medical treatment.

The Epoch Times reported:

During a June 15 press conference, a small group of Republican lawmakers criticized the treatment of “political prisoners” in the DC Gulag, discussing alarming cases of ill-treatment of defendants accused on January 1. 6, 2021, violating the Capitol and calling on other lawmakers to join them in condemning the situation.

“I saw men who weren’t cut, couldn’t shave, were dirty, dirty and disgusting, they looked extremely unhealthy because [they are forced to] they choose to go out for an hour a day or call their family, “Green said.

“While I was there, Congressman Homert and I met with people who had been denied medical treatment,” Green later said. “I met a man whose finger was broken and turned to the side… I met another man whose hand was purple. And [the other defendants] everyone begged me, “Please, if you help someone, help them. He needs a doctor. “

Where is the rest of the GOP?

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