President Biden owns the Republican Party and Trump without saying a word in response to the fall of a bicycle

On leaving the church, President Biden responded with three jumps and a rope movement when asked how he felt after falling off a bicycle.

According to a White House report to PoliticusUSA:

At 4:58 p.m., President Biden left the church.

People around him were amused when they asked him how he was feeling. He smiled and took three
jumps forward, making the movement of jumping rope with his hands.

He got in his jeep a few minutes later.

Republicans have been crazy all day and trying to get something out of it that President Biden rolled over slightly as he stopped on his bike to talk to a crowd and some reporters in Delaware.

The same Republicans who weren’t worried about Donald Trump not being able to go down the ramp, which he dealt with at the same rally where he killed Herman Kane by disregarding COVID’s security protocolsdrink water or do secret visits to Walter Reed I think Joe Biden deserves the 25th amendment for taking off his bike.

George W. Bush fell off his bike and suffered several nasty bruises when he was president. Nothing like this has happened to Joe Biden, and it would not be unthinkable for Biden to be in better physical shape than many Republicans who criticize him.

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