Planned parenting in Wisconsin stops planning abortions pending Roe V Wade’s decision

The Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin has announced that it will not schedule appointments for abortion procedures after June 25 in anticipation that the U.S. Supreme Court will formally overturn Roe v. Wade before the end of June.

If the decision is overturned under the Activation Act, Wisconsin will return to a 1849 statute that prohibits all abortions except when the procedure is used to save the mother’s life. While Gov. Tony Evers called for a special session to study the change in the age-old law, Republicans pushed back, ending efforts.

“Abortion appointments may be suspended due to a decision of the US Supreme Court, which affects PPWI’s ability to perform abortions.” says the Wisconsin Planned Parenthood website.

Politician publish expired draft opinion of the majority, which will repeal Rowe on May 2. The official opinion of the Court has not yet been published, but many advocates of abortion rights believe that the decision will be overturned.

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“We expect that the decision will probably come before the end of June, so we are not planning our usual procedures for one day / day two after June 25,” said Ali Linton, associate medical director of Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin. he said The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Those seeking an abortion in Wisconsin must make two appointments due to a law requiring a 24-hour waiting period. The first appointment requires an ultrasound and informed consent for an abortion. The second meeting is scheduled 24 hours later for the abortion procedure.

“Obviously, if we make a mistake and the decision doesn’t come out on the 27th, we will try to open the schedules and do the best we can to get people involved,” Linton said.

Dr. Christine Lirley, an obstetrician and gynecologist in Wisconsin, published in Twitter on Thursday, expressing his thoughts on the issue.

If the abortion goes illegal in Wisconsin, it will send patients across the state border to neighboring Minnesota, where the procedure is likely to remain legal.

Legal director of a non-profit advocacy group Gender justiceJess Braverman, told Fox 9 this week“We’re just surrounded by states that will ban abortions, and that will really increase the burden here in Minnesota, which already … has access problems.”

“It will create chaos. “There is one country where abortion can be like murder, and another country where abortion is protected,” she said.

It is not clear when and whether the Court will publish its opinion in Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. The Mississippi case asked judges to reconsider Rowe, sparking excitement among abortion rights activists. However, the Court usually publishes its final opinions for the judicial year in June and July.

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