Pixar’s Lightyear is falling apart at the box office

Disney’s latest Pixar film – which includes Chris Evans’ voice work as Buzz Lightyear – was valued at $ 51 million at the North American box office this weekend.

This figure came within the expectations of the industry, which predicted that the film would win about $ 70 million. The film grossed $ 85.6 million worldwide, according to Disney (DIS).

The film also failed to grab the top spot at the box office, opening at No. 2 behind the second weekend of Universal’s Jurassic World: Dominion, which grossed approximately $ 58.6 million.

To give some context to how Lightyear is doing compared to other Pixar movies, it’s at the back of the studio’s openings. The discovery of $ 51 million puts him behind Cars 3 in 2017, according to Comscore (The result).

So why wasn’t “Lightyear” a bigger hit?

The film is based on characters from the popular Toy Story series and is overwhelming 77% rating for Rotten Tomatoeswhich is a solid, if not grandiose assessment. But several factors could reduce voter turnout.

For starters, it may have been difficult for the audience to understand exactly what the film was about. This isn’t exactly a Toy Story movie, as Lightyear was released as a movie about the man behind the toy, not the toy itself. After all, families may have been confused about the film, and that may repel them.

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It is also the first Pixar film to hit theaters in 2020. The studio’s last three films – “Soul”, “Luke” and “Redness” – all went directly to Disney +. Choosing to send these movies for streaming can make audiences stay home and wait for Lightyear to hit Disney + instead of buying a ticket.

Overall, Lightyear may still be able to find an audience in the next few weeks, as there aren’t many family tickets at the box office at the moment. Universal and Illumination Entertainment’s “Minions: Rise of Gru” – the next big family movie – will hit theaters by July 1.

Elsewhere in the box office, Top Gun: Maverick continues to perform well. Tom Cruise’s Paramount came in third with $ 44 million for its fourth weekend. This is a decrease of only 15% compared to last week.

The film – which makes Cruz reprise his role as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell from “Top Gun” in 1986 – has so far earned $ 885 million worldwide.

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