Philips Hue launches new smart dimmer, reveals its first portable light – Geek review

The intelligent dimmer Philips Hue Tap Switch.
Philips Hue

Signify has just introduced a series of new Philips Hue products to help existing customers complete their smart home. There’s a touch dial switch for intuitive lighting control, the first Philips Hue battery-powered lamp, new Perifo track lighting and some improved lighting fixtures.

For a lot, Touch Dial Switch ($ 50) is the focus of this announcement. This is a more expensive alternative to the original Hue Dimmer switch ($ 28), which can control up to four rooms or areas using a small set of buttons (which are marked in Braille). It also has an integrated dial that you can rotate to dim the lights in the room – a slow rotation of the dial allows you to fine-tune the setting, while a quick rotation gives you instant results.

This new dimmer switch does not require any crazy installation. It is powered by batteries and mounted on any surface. And because it is magnetic, you can remove the switch from its mounting plate and use it as a remote (or stick it on another magnetic surface, such as a refrigerator).

A group of friends around the Philips Hue Go portable lamp.
Philips Hue

Other new products include the Hue Go portable table lamp ($ 160), a battery-powered device that lasts 48 hours when charged and allows you to go through pre-set light scenes. And Philips Hue’s new Perifo track lighting (€ 50) is like the “adult” version of typical LED strips – the lights are on solid rails that fit together in a custom track. In addition, Perifo can be plugged in or replace the existing rail lighting in your home.

Philips Hue has also refreshed its Can Downlights and Xamento bathroom lights, which now shine brighter and come in money-saving packages. By the way, both the white and color versions of these lights are refreshed.

The new Touch Dial Switch is available today, along with the refreshed ones Can Downlights and Xamento bathroom lighting. But the Hue Go portable table lamp and Perifo track lighting won’t arrive until this summer (and Perifo may be exclusive to Europe).

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