Philadelphia Republican officials fired after “ballot” scheme unveiled

As originally reported by The Philidelphia Inquirersaid many voters whose ballots were misdirected Inquiry they never applied to vote by mail, although dozens of Republican ballots for the May 17 primary were redirected to the mailbox registered with the Republican Coalition for Registration.

The Daily Kos election team talks about how the MAGA civil war could harm the Republican Party in competitions across the country in the podcast The Downballot

Penn Live reports that one in six GOP voting applications from the area where O’Donnell and Parker worked has identified a PAC-related mailbox in Northeast Philidelphia.

That’s what 35-year-old Rose DeSantis said Inquiry she never asked for the bulletin in the mail, and yet hers was found in the mailbox. “It doesn’t even make sense. You’d think it would raise some red flags.” said DeSantis.

Penn Live reports that the chairman of the Republican Coalition for Registration and former leader of the Republican Party, 23-year-old Billy Lanziloti, helped voters fill out ballot papers and put their mailbox address on the forms where voters had to put your own home addresses. Lansiloti told Penn Live that it was a “voter service”.

Lansilotti told Inquiry that his goal was “to help increase Republican turnout” and that earlier this month he began going door-to-door to get residents of the 26th District to vote by mail. He claims he filled out the forms with his mailbox so that they could be delivered to voters later by someone he trusted.

“There have been a number of mail problems lately.” said Lansiloti. “Checks are being stolen from the post office. They like him that way because I’m a person they trust. “

Lanzilotti’s mailbox has been used in several bulletins in Philidelphia; according to Penn Live, it was the only address receiving so many ballots that was not a polling station or a nursing home. And in the part with the postal address of the forms, the handwriting was different from the other forms and the same for all forms, according to Inquiry.

One voter, Maria Morris, 55, told Inquiry she changed her party registration after a man showed up at her front door. She signed some documents.

“He didn’t mention anything about the ballots,” she said.

It was Lanzilotti voted to be removed from office last week from his colleagues, leaders of the GOP area.

O’Donnell’s lawyer, Matt Wolfe, says his client is innocent of Lansilotti’s scheme.

“Shamus did not know about the applications for voting by mail and what Billy Lanzilotti was doing,” Wolfe claims. Wolfe works as the head of the GOP division in West Philadelphia.

That’s what Matt Haverstic, an election lawyer who works with Republican campaigns, said asking “There are some things that you describe that I think can be argued to be appropriate, there are some arguments that can be made to be inappropriate.” But the whole spirit of the times of what you’re telling me smells of illegal behavior. “

According to the Brennan Center, Voter fraud is extremely rare. “Voter representation is virtually non-existent, and many cases of alleged fraud are in fact the fault of voters or administrators. The same goes for newsletters by mailwhich are safe and essential for holding safe elections in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, ”the Brennan Center website said.

Several cases that could be identified as deliberate voter fraud are mainly included Republicans are trying to vote twice for Trumpwhether through ballots belonging to someone else or by voting in several states or counties.

A comprehensive review of voter fraud in six Associated Press states has uncovered fewer than 475 cases. Not enough to change the outcome of Trump’s loss to Biden, According to Wealth.

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