Panthers to exchange for Mayfield if Brown eats half his salary?

The Carolina Panthers are still considered the most logical suitor for Baker Mayfield, but they failed to find a middle ground in trade discussions with the Cleveland Browns. There seems to be one problem that stands in the way of the deal – money.

Mayfield owes $ 18.9 million in the last year of his contract with a rookie. No team wants to pay for that, especially since Brown doesn’t have Deshon Watson and has no intention of keeping Mayfield. Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer said during a recent appearance on The Rich Eisen Show that Cleveland will eat about half of Mayfield’s salary.

“Cleveland is ready to take a fair amount of Baker’s salary, like $ 9.10 million,” Brewer said. through Daniel Chavkin from “For people who think Cleveland holds Baker as insurance for Deshon, they will not offer to take a significant portion of a person’s salary if they want to keep it, while there is more clarity in the Deshon Watson case. ”

Brewer added that the Panthers would only trade for Mayfield, “if it’s a bargain.” This probably means that they want to pay much less than half the salary of the 27-year-old man.

The Panthers have continued to take an interest in Mayfield. A recent report claims that the teams did specific price they are willing to payand this will require the Browns to eat more than half of Mayfield’s contract.

It was Mayfield recently connected to another surprise team, but it seems to be meant for Carolina. However, more teams could enter the mix if the Browns cut it. If the Panthers believe that Mayfield could be their starter, they may eventually agree to pay more than he expected.

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