Overview of the transfer news of PSG: Killian Mbape is praised for the refusal of Real Madrid; players who expect Zinedine Zidane to be the next manager and more

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) will try to add more quality to their team this summer. The French giants secured the league title last season, but failed to impress in the UEFA Champions League, being eliminated in the round of 16 against eventual winner Real Madrid.

in the meantime, Francesco Totti has praised Killian Mbape to refuse Real Madrid. Elsewhere, the Parisians expect Zinedine Zidane to be their next manager.

In this regard, here is a look at the key stories for the transfer of PSG on June 20, 2022:

Killian Mbape praised the rejection of Real Madrid

Killian Mbape rejected the Santiago Bernabeu last month.
Killian Mbape rejected the Santiago Bernabeu last month.

LIKE Roma Legend Francesco Totti praised Killian Mbape for choosing to stay at PSG. The Frenchman was heavily courted by Real Madrid, but refused the La Liga grandees to extend his stay in Paris.

Speaking Speaking to Sky Sports Italia, Totti said Mbape’s decision was a choice of the heart.

“Mbape? For me, this is a choice of the heart, no matter who decides to stay. He must be managed and protected like all great champions. “He can’t find a better player than PSG,” said Totti.

PSG players expect Zinedine Zidane to be the next manager

Zinedine Zidane has not yet decided on his next destination.
Zinedine Zidane has not yet decided on his next destination.

PSG players expect Zinedine Zidane to take over the management of Parc des Princes, according to French football expert Daniel Riolo.

The former Real Madrid manager is PSG’s preferred goal to replace current tactician Mauricio Pochettino. Recent reports suggest that the Frenchman will not take command in Paris, but Riolo wants to oppose.

🚨🎖 | Zidane was very close to PSG that they are preparing an official announcement. In the end, Zidane decided to wait for the French NT. @RMCsport

Speaking The Foot RMC expert said the Parisians were working behind the scenes for Zidane’s arrival.

“Today there are people in the club who work for Zidane’s arrival. “I will say something certain and certain – as we speak – the extremely important players of PSG, those who stayed when we did not think they would stay, are convinced that Zidane will be their coach,” said Riolo.

Gianluigi Donaruma is pleased with his first season at Parc des Princes

Gianluigi Donaruma is well settled in the Parc des Princes
Gianluigi Donaruma is well settled in the Parc des Princes

Gianluigi Donaruma expressed his pleasure in winning the league title in his first season with PSG. The Italian moved to Paris last summer with a move by Bosman and helped the Parisians to lift the title in Ligue 1.

Speaking on the club’s website, Donaruma said winning the league had helped drown out the disappointment of Parisians leaving the UEFA Champions League.

“It was great! It was my first title, the first league title I’ve ever won, so I’m really happy to have done it with Paris. It was also the tenth league title in the club’s history and we equaled the record, which made me it makes you even happier, ”Donaruma said.

He added:

“Yes, it is special; winning ten titles is something special. It’s really great to be able to win. As players, we all wanted to do it, but so was everyone else at the club. Our goal was to win the title, so this was a really important season. “Unfortunately, we dropped out of the Champions League, but by winning the title we gave some consolation and that made us really happy.”

Donaruma added that PSG is struggling to cope with its early exit from the Champions League.

“It was an amazing and emotional year, but also a bit difficult. After we dropped out of the Champions League, it was a little strange. We had problems absorbing it, but we had to accept it. We had to move on because we still had the league title to win, and we finally managed to react. So I would say that the season was positive overall, “said Donaruma.

He added:

“Leaving the Champions League aside, it was a good season, but we can’t be completely happy with it and next year we will try to win as many titles as possible. A lot of people at Outside think it’s easy to win League One. but I know this is completely untrue. There are some great teams in this league and there are some really tough places here, with hostile crowds and some very competitive countries. “

He continued:

“It’s really not easy and you always have to be well prepared and work 100%, because some games are really difficult. If we are not 100%, it becomes difficult to return victories, so we have to play our best every time. “

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