Opposition parties are electing Jaswant Sinha as their common presidential candidate

Several major opposition parties, including Congress, NCP and TMC, chose former Union Minister Jaswant Sinha as their candidate in the July 18th presidential election on Tuesday.

Opposition leaders, who gathered in parliament’s annex to a meeting convened by NCP chief Sharad Pawar to decide on a common candidate for the much-discussed presidential election, unanimously agreed on Sinha’s name.

The veteran politician, who “retired” from the Trinamul Congress and was previously in the BJP, will submit his nomination documents on June 27th.

“We regret that the Modi government has not made serious efforts to reach a consensus on a presidential candidate,” said Congress leader Jairam Ramesh, who read a joint statement after the meeting.

He noted that the initiative to have a consensus candidate for the highest post in the republic should have been taken by the government.

“We are happy to announce that we have unanimously elected Yashvant Sinha as the joint candidate of the opposition parties for the presidential elections to be held on July 18, 2022,” Ramesh said.

“In his long and exceptional career in public life, Sri Yashwant Sinha has served the nation in various capacities – as a capable administrator, a full-fledged parliamentarian and a recognized Minister of Finance and Foreign Affairs of the Union. He is highly qualified to uphold the secular and democratic character of the Republic of India and its constitutional values, “the statement said.

The leaders also announced that a committee set up to guide Sinha’s presidential campaign would begin today. Sinha, who has been vocal on a number of issues, is in the 80’s.

Pavar told reporters that he had personally spoken to a group of leaders from different parties. Among them were Delhi Prime Minister Arvin Keirival of the Aam Aadmi party and K Chandrashekar Rao of Telangana of the TRS, who stayed away from the meeting.

Pavar also said he had spoken to TMC’s superiors and West Bengal’s top minister, Mamata Banerjee, as well as to Achilles Yadav (Samajuadi Party), Tejaswi Yadav (Rashtriya Janata Dal), Farouk Abdullah (National Conference) and Sanjay Raut. ) and all of them supported the Candidacy of Sinha.

“We will also try to convince the BJD and YSR congresses,” Pavar said when asked if they were on board.

Countries attending the meeting included Congress, NCP, TMC, CPI, CPI-M, Samajwadi Party, National Conference, AIMIM, RJD and AIUDF.

Five regional parties considered non-aligned – TRS, BJD. AAP, SAD and YSRCP – stood aside. These parties also stayed away from the June 15 meeting convened by Banerjee.

The BJP-led ruling plant has more than 48 per cent of the vote in the electorate to elect the new president, and his candidate has a clear advantage over the opposition.

Reading the joint statement, Ramesh said the parties had called on all political parties to support Sinha as president so that the country could have a decent “rastrapati” elected without resistance.

His party colleague, Malikarjun Harge, said Defense Minister Rajnat Singh had called on him and several other leaders to ask if they had a name for the highest constitutional post.

“It was just a contact, it can’t be called a serious effort,” Harge said.

The joint statement also said that India was going through difficult times and that the BJP government at the Center had failed miserably in fulfilling its promises and commitments.

“He is abusing the ED, the CBI, the Electoral Commission, the governor’s office and other institutions as weapons against opposition parties and state governments. “That is why we assure the people of India that the unity of the opposition parties, forged for the presidential poll in the spirit of equality, common commitment and consensus building through dialogue, will be further consolidated in the coming months,” the joint statement said.

Sinha’s name came after Pavar, Gopalkrishna Gandhi and Farouk Abdullah rejected the opposition’s offer to be their joint candidate for the top post. Their names were suggested during meetings of opposition parties on the issue.

According to left-wing sources, Sinha, who was TMC’s vice president, withdrew after the Congress and left-wing parties wanted him to be an independent candidate and not affiliate with any party.

Malikarjun Harj from Congress, Jairam Ramesh and Randip Surjevala, Abhishek Banerjee from TMC, Tiruchi Siva from DMK, Sitaram Yechuri from CPI-M, D Raja from CPI, Manoj Ja from RJD, Tol Thirumavalavan from VCK, those participating.

Presidential elections will be held on July 18 to elect a successor to incumbent Ram Nat Kovind, and the result will be announced on July 21.

The BJP’s parliamentary meeting will meet later on Tuesday to discuss the election of the BJP-led NDA as the new president.

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