On Father’s Day, Vladimir Zelensky praises the fathers who “defend” Ukraine

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Many countries around the world celebrate Father’s Day on this third Sunday in June.

In Ukraine this year the holiday is bitter.

Men of military age cannot leave the country if they are called upon to join the fight against Russian invading forces. Many have sent their families to safety and many have been killed on the battlefield.

This was announced by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his relatives 100-200 Ukrainian soldiers are killed every day, along with hundreds of others wounded.

In a message on Father’s Day from wartime, Zelensky, who has two children, praised the fathers who “defend” Ukraine.

“Being a father is a great responsibility and a great happiness,” the Ukrainian leader said in an Instagram post on Sunday. “It’s strength, wisdom, motivation to move forward and not give up. And no matter how difficult it is – to keep and protect the most valuable. Thank you, our heroes. ”

Zelenski has a daughter and a son. In one interview with Jake Tapper of CNN in april he spoke lovingly about his teenage daughter and joked that “without knocking [on] the door, I can’t talk to my daughter.

He told Tapper that he wanted his children to remember him as “a human being who loves life to the end, loves his family and loves his country – he is definitely not a hero.”

The Ukrainian president’s post was accompanied by photos of men in Ukraine, some in military attire, others dressed as civilians caring for their families in hospitals and underground bunkers.

Several of the shots show fathers sending their children on trains while they stay.

Authorities in Kyiv have called for more weapons and ammunition from the West as they struggle to maintain control over areas to the east where the most intense battles are fought.

Father’s Day was an opportunity for some to call for an end to the war.

Ukraine is running out of ammunition as the prospects on the battlefield are bleak

“On Father’s Day, we wish all Ukrainian soldiers to return home with a victory as soon as possible,” post reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

In an accompanying video that includes the logo of the Ukrainian State Border Service, a soldier told the camera: “We are defending our country in the name of our children.”

“We need to end this war so that our children grow up in peace and our children do not have to fight like us,” added another.

On Thursday, the Ukrainian parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, shared video of a son reuniting with his father, who is in military attire. “We are doing everything we can to ensure that children see their parents return home from the war,” the parliament said.

Ukraine, overcoming the losses of the war, adds new luster to military burials

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