Ola Electric provides a brief overview of the upcoming e-car event for customers

Ola Electric, which previously announced plans to build its first electric four-wheeler in India, officially unveiled its first electric car on Sunday, teasing a clip of its upcoming car at a customer event at the Ola Futurefactory in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu.

The company plans to reveal additional details about the e-car on August 15 and will provide information on when customers can book the car in another two months. Bhavish Aggarwal, founder and CEO, Ola, speaking at a customer meeting at the factory, said the company’s mission is to put India on the world map of global electrification and become a world-class company.

“We made a small start with the electric two-wheeler, the S1 Pro, and in the next few years you will see many more two-wheelers coming out of our factory. We are expecting a four-wheeler soon, everyone knows that we are creating a car and we are also building the basic technology on the battery cells.

“All the technology at Ola is made in India and it’s made by Indians,” he said. In the first event of its kind in the automotive industry, Ola Electric invited all its customers of 50,000 two-wheelers to its factory. “It is normal practice in the automotive industry to invite dealers and send them to places like Thailand.

We have clients at our core and we have invited them all. We received about 3,000 to 4,000 customers at the first-of-its-kind factory, “he said. Prior to the event, Aggarwal shared a number of videos from inside the facility and said:” I can’t wait for ALL our customers to see Futurefactory today. ”

The event also marked the celebrations of customers and the debut of MoveOS 2. Ola Electric recently invested in the Israeli battery technology company StoreDot, a pioneer in batteries with extremely fast charging technology (XFC). The StoreDot investment is the first of several global strategic investments planned by Ola Electric, as it seeks to strengthen its core research and development in modern cellular chemistry and manufacturing, as well as other battery technologies and new energy systems.

As part of the StoreDot investment, Ola Electric will have access to the company’s state-of-the-art XFC battery technology, which charges a battery from 0 to 100% in just five minutes. Ola will also have exclusive rights to manufacture batteries integrating StoreDot’s fast-charging technology in India.

The company plans to set up a giant cell manufacturing plant in the country to meet the demand generated by Ola Futurefactory, the world’s largest 2W plant. Earlier this year, Ola Electric announced the creation of Ola Futurefoundry, its global center for modern engineering and vehicle design in Coventry, UK.

Ola plans to invest more than $ 100 million over the next five years in the state-of-the-art center and serve more than 200 designers and automotive engineers. The center will also partner with world-class educational and research institutions in the United Kingdom to collaborate on technology research and development.

Ola Futurefoundry must work in sync with the design and engineering teams based at Ola Campus in Bengaluru. It will house global talent in a variety of two- and four-wheel vehicle design disciplines, advanced high-performance automotive engineering, digital and physical modeling, and more.

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