Okinawa Autotech invests Rs 500 cr to set up its third manufacturing plant in India

Electric two-wheeler maker Okinawa Autotech has announced the launch of its production plant in Caroli, Rajasthan.

After setting up factories in Alwar and Bhivadi in recent years, this will be Okinawa’s third facility in Rajasthan. The electric carmaker plans to invest 500 crore rupees in the plant, which will be located on 30 acres of land. The plant is expected to start operating in October 2023. It will employ more than 5,000 workers, the company said.

Inspired by robotic automation, the plant will include automatic production units for batteries and propulsion units, along with a plant for motors and controllers. In addition, the company will set up automated workshops for painting electric two-wheelers, while plastic body parts will also be molded by machines.

Okinawa aims to increase production to meet growing demand for electric two-wheelers in the country. The company offers a range of 7 electric two-wheelers in India and has more than 1,550 products on the roads across the country.

Jeetender Sharma, founder and MD, Okinawa Autotech, said: “The research and development facilities planned at the megafactory will be futuristic to ensure that we meet the sector’s demand for the future. The factory will not focus only on the production of vehicles. It will also have a supplier fleet that will take into account motors, controllers, batteries and other electrical parts designed to maintain the full EV ecosystem.

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