Notre Dame and Oklahoma advance in the winners’ standings, while Arkansas withdraws ahead in the Jell-O race in Omaha

Jackson Nicklaus (15) from Oklahoma celebrates the Grand Slam tournament against Texas A&M.

Jackson Nicklaus (15) from Oklahoma celebrates the Grand Slam tournament against Texas A&M.
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The college world series officially began with a hell of an open day. On Friday, the Oklahoma Souners made eight runs in the first two innings against Texas A&M, including a three-run Homer from cutter Jimmy Crooks. Aggies simply couldn’t catch up until the end of the match and missed 13-8.

And in another big disappointment, Notre Dame controlled the powerful 128-home run of Texas to advance to the winning streak with a final score of 7-3, led by pitcher John Michael Bertrand’s stellar performance. After defeating Tennessee – the best team in the nation and once an easy favorite to finish in Omaha and take the trophy – in the Super Regionals, Fighting Irish again faced one of the winning teams (Texas or Arkansas, whichever you ask) of the tournament and won.

Oklahoma and Notre Dame were unplaced, and A&M and Texas were numbers. 5 and 9, respectively. No. 2 Stanford and Arkansas will face off today, as will Ole Miss and No. 14 Auburn in the double elimination tournament. (If you think this is quite difficult for the SEC, you will be right – although some have not yet made the conference switch.)

Although Stanford may be the best-placed team to enter the CWS, they are terribly behind in an equally important tournament – the College World Series Jell-O Shot challenge at Rocco’s Pizza and Cantina in Omaha. For $ 4.50, fans can help their team achieve diamond fame – and we know what SEC fans can be.

Arkansas is coming the day already a mile ahead, although it has yet to play inning of CWS baseball, with 1,441 purchases of Jell-O hits. Stanford’s unfortunate number barely reached double digits, with 28 Jell-O shots bought by Cardinal fans, up from 14 earlier this morning. Rocco’s record for a plaque on their wall is held by Mississippi fans who bought 2,965 shots of jelly during the College’s World Series in 2021. The Bulldogs also took the real title last year.

The meeting between Texas and Texas A&M fans this weekend should be one for books – I don’t know if I prefer to be there to witness or safely stay thousands of miles away from this battle.

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