“No. 1 general NBA draft selection test

IN Golden State Warriors they have just won their fourth NBA championship in eight seasons, and while most of the talk has focused on Steph Curry finally winning the MVP of the finals, there is a lot of love for Andrew Wiggins. The 27-year-old former No. 1 overall pick is probably the second best player this postseason. This is a position few have seen Wiggins take while working in Minnesota, but Dubs owner Joe Luck, along with head coach Steve Kerr, saw something special in him and recently talked about it. in a recent interview. “He is a prototype winger who has just played for a not so good team, he has not received perhaps the best culture. We thought that if you put him in our situation, he could be great. It doesn’t have to be 1A. “You saw what you did in these playoffs. He was really, really great. “

Which brings us to today’s quiz for the day. The NBA introduced a lottery system starting with the 1985 draft. Since then, 37 players have gone No. 1 overall, including Wiggins, who was selected by the Cavs with the best pick in 2014. So, considering how many of the best NBA lottery-era general choices you can pick in five minutes?

Good luck!

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