Netflix’s Chris Sussman Negotiates CEO of Apple TV + Trying – Deadline

EXCEPTIONAL: Departure Netflix Director of UK Scripted Chris Sussman is in talks with the executive producer of the fourth season of Apple TV+ comedy Trying, The deadline may be revealed.

Last week, we revealed that Susman is leaving Netflix next month after a two-and-a-half-year hiatus and moving on to Apple TV + comedy starring Rafe Spall and Imelda Staunton will be a return to the show, which the highly acclaimed CEO is producing back in 2020.

Chris Sussman

Chris Sussman

Talks with Sussman for the fourth season continue and the series is not yet covered, of course Deadline. Susman was running Trying producer of BBC Studios Comedy Productions and he produced season one before leaving BBC Studios to move to Netflix in early 2020.

On Netflix, he stands behind people like Harlan Coben Stay closefrom This is a sin manufacturer Red Production Company, and Man against bee, a farce comedy that kicks off next week starring Rowan Atkinson. He leaves on July 8.

Trying has become one of the most successful shows outside the United States on Apple TV + and is one of the few so far to reach the third season, which will be released on July 22.

Andy Walton’s comedy stars Spal as Jason and Esther Smith as Nikki, a couple who really want to be a parent but are struggling to conceive a child. In order to have the baby they want, they decide to adopt, only to face a whole list of new challenges and surprises that come with the adoption process.

Apple and BBC Studios declined to comment.

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