NBA Finals: Golden State Warriors Beat Boston Celtics and Win Fourth Eight-Year Title

Teammates Stephen Curry and Golden State Warriors with their trophies after winning the NBA title in 2022.
Two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry was named MVP of the NBA Finals for the first time

The Golden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics and won their fourth NBA title in eight years and their first since 2018.

The Warriors won 103-90 in their sixth game in Boston and won the series 4-2.

After finishing 2019-20 with a terrible record of 15-50, they are the first team to move from the worst side in the league to the championship in two years.

Stephen Curry, twice the most valuable player in the regular season, was the MVP of the NBA Finals for the first time.

The 34-year-old points guard averaged 31.2 points in six games and scored 34 points in Thursday’s win, adding seven assists and seven rebounds.

Andrew Wiggins scored 18 points and Jordan Poole 15, while Golden State won the NBA Championship for the first time in four years.

They also won the title in 2015 and 2017, but lost the finals in 2016 and 2019 before missing the playoffs in the last two seasons while rebuilding their team.

Kevin Durant left the San Francisco-based franchise as a free agent in 2019, while Curry and Clay Thompson – who scored 12 points on Thursday – were injured in the 2019-20 season.

The duo, along with key defender Draymond Green, played a key role in their four titles.

“We found a way to just do it,” said Curry, who was the Warriors’ seventh pick in 2009.

“You always doubt, but you know how long it takes to get back here, because it’s hard to beat at this level.”

The Celtics led 14-2 after four minutes and 22-16 at the end of the first quarter, before the Warriors continued 21-0 and led 37-22 with just over 10 minutes until the end of the half.

When Curry scored three three-pointers in the first six minutes of the third quarter, pushing the Golden State lead to 72-50. he nodded and began pointing his ring finger.

“We’ve been building this for about 10 or 11 years, and that means a lot when you get to that stage, because you know how to make money,” Curry said.

“Everyone who has been a part of this knows what it’s all about. This one is definitely different. “

“Without Curry, none of this happens.”

Stephen Curry with the MFA trophy at the 2022 NBA Finals
Curry’s all-time record for threes in the regular season is currently 3,117

Golden State defeated the Dallas Mavericks to win the Western Conference and became the first team to reach the finals six times in eight years after the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s.

The bulls led by Michael Jordan won six NBA titles from 1991-1998, and Warriors coach Steve Kerr has played in the last three of those wins.

“I’m excited about Steph [Curry]”Said Kerr.” For me, this is his crowning achievement in an already incredible career.

“Obviously I’m excited about everyone in this room, and a lot of people had a big hand in that, but the thing about Steph is that none of this happens without him.”

Curry’s accuracy beyond the rainbow transforms the game, too broke the record for three points for all times of the league in December.

Players in each position are now expected to be able to shoot – and defend against – three points.

Curry is the seventh player to win at least four championship titles and two regular season MVP awards, after Karim Abdul-Jabar, Tim Duncan, LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Bill Russell.

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