Mubi Go hits LA with Cha Cha Real Smooth; Brian and Charles open the door – deadline

Mooby Go, which helped boost the art house market in New York by offering its members a free weekly movie ticket at participating theaters, is now expanding to LA, where businesses could really take a boost. The films are curated and the first is by Apple Cha Cha Real Smooth.

Launches Mubi, a global streaming service, production company and film distributor Mubi Go in New York last fall and will continue to expand to major markets until 2022 with Chicago next. “We are very careful and methodical about the implementation,” said distribution chief Chris Wells.

Mubi members receive Mubi Go as an advantage. The company did not release subscriber numbers, but Wells said its New York base jumped 30 percent after adding Mubi Go.

Film selections include own releases, such as Lingui, Sacred Relationships, but mostly from other distributors from Drive my car, The power of the dog and Passing to We are all going to the world fair, Whirlwind, Bel, Neptune frost, Hero and last week a French film Lost illusions.

His election is one of the best international film festivals, the cream of the harvest, which deserves to be seen in the theater. “Some of them may be better known to the public, and some are hidden gems,” Wales said. The goal is to “support the arthouse at its core,” as Mooby buys “hundreds and hundreds of tickets each week for these films.”

Older arthouse demonstrations are the slowest to return to theaters. “Going to the movies is a habit. Covid has broken this habit for many people and what we need to do is revive the passion for movement. We are constantly seeing rays of hope, “said Wales, noting that 80% of Mubi Go users are 44 and under.

Cha Cha Real Smooth, a sensation in Sundance, starring its screenwriter and director Cooper Rife alongside Dakota Johnson, Evan Asante, Vanessa Burghardt, Leslie Mann, Brad Garrett, Raoul Castillo and Blanket Rush. Having just graduated from college and left his home in New Jersey with no clear path ahead, 22-year-old Andrew (Rife) began working as the start of a bar / bat mitzvah party. TIMES.

Mooby’s theaters in Los Angeles so far include Laemmle’s Monica Film Center, Glendale, NoHo 7 and Town Center 5. In New York, she has worked with the Film Forum, Film at Lincoln Center, Brooklyn Academy of Music, IFC Center, Nitehawk Cinema and Paris Theater.

Also in specialty this week, Focus Features presents Brian and Charles another acclaimed Sundance title in 279 theaters. Directed by Written by David Earl and Chris Hayward, Jim Archer is the story of Brian, a lonely, unlucky inventor who embarks on his most ambitious project in Charles – an intelligent robot made of odds and targets, including an old washing machine – and they quickly become friends. Starring David Earl, Chris Hayward, Louise Brillie, James Mitchi and Nina Sosanya. Made by Rupert Majendi with executive producers Damien Jones, Lauren Dark, Ollie Madden, Daniel Batsek, Mary Burke, Jim Reeve and Robert Halmy.

IFC Films stars Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas Official competition, the connection to the super bustling red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival this week. Directed by Gaston Dupra and Mariano Conn and written by Andres Dupra and Gaston Dupra, the film will be released in New York and Los Angeles (IFC Center, Lincoln Square, Sunset 5, Laemmle Royal) before being released nationally next week. Cruz and Banderas play two egomaniacs, a director and an actor commissioned by a millionaire to make a film. See Deadline review from the Venice Film Festival.

Magnolia Pictures presents that of Emily Mahdavian Bitter brush, from Telluride, a captivating look at women racers, on 20 screens in New York, LA and San Francisco. The expansion will then target cities in the West, including Idaho, where it was filmed, Colorado and Montana. The document traces Holin Patterson and Collie Moline during their last summer grazing cattle in remote Idaho, completely off the net and with dogs as their only companions. They struggle with bad weather and dangerous working conditions as they consider their future.

Samuel Goldwyn Films presents the Danish comedy about Dad Wild men by Thomas Danekov in 15 markets, including New York and LA. Armed only with a bow and an ensemble of animal skins, the protagonist Martin goes into the woods in a mistaken attempt to overcome the crisis of middle age. A chance encounter with a fugitive named Musa leads to a confusing journey through the fjords with police, drug detectors and Martin’s family, who are not far behind. With Rasmus Björg, Zaki Youssef, Bjorn Sundquist, Sophie Grobol, Marco Ilso. Deadline for review TIMES.

Greenwich Entertainment presents Telluride doc Stay with prayer, a lively celebration of 83-year-old Lena May Perry and her legendary North Carolina evangelical group The Branchettes, at Quad Cinema and Laemmle Monica. Directed by DL Anderson and Matthew Durning, the film documents The Branchettes while recording their first, fully live album.

Netflix opens civilians by director Nadia Halgren at the Bay Theater in LA and the Landmark Opera Plaza in San Francisco. The film, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and opened the American Black Film Festival this week, follows civil rights lawyer Ben Crump, who represents marginalized clients in wrongful death, injury, police brutality and discrimination lawsuits, including his most famous case against the city of Minneapolis for the death of George Floyd. Deadline review.

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