Mouse and keyboard come in Xbox Cloud Gaming

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cloud games continues to grow, and Microsoft is one of the leaders in this space. The company is trying to please hardcore gamers by adding mouse and keyboard support to its cloud gaming service, although it’s unclear when exactly.

Microsoft Flight Simulator host Jörg Neumann spoke in a video with questions and answers about the future of the game and one of the questions that arose was support for the mouse and keyboard for the game in Xbox Cloud Gaming.

“This is platform level support, so it has nothing to do with us, obviously the mouse / keyboard works for our SIM card. So the platform team is working on that and no, I can’t give a date because it’s the platform team. I don’t know their dates, but they are coming, and we are also talking about making the touch work, “Neumann said in the video (Via On the edge).

The key is that it needs to be done at the platform level, but requires each game to support the management method in order to work. If a game is only programmed for a gamepadyou will not be able to suddenly play it with a mouse and keyboard just because support comes for Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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Although he did not provide an exact schedule, Neumann worked out a little more detail and said: “I would say it’s in the coming months, not weeks and it could be… I hope it will be done by June or something, but never I can say. Everyone wants it, I want it and that’s how it comes. “

Microsoft has not commented on the feature or when it will arrive. However, given that Microsoft Flight Simulator was made by Microsoft, Jörg Neumann is a fairly reliable source.

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