MORE Duggar family drama – Amy reveals she’s estranged from her father

Jim Bob Duggar is not the only member of the family from which Amy Duggar King is alienated.

IN 19 Children and counting alum often appeared on the show as a close cousin of the main fam. Since then, however, she has loudly distanced herself from the patriarch amid accusations in between various other crimesthat he covered up his eldest son Josh DuggarThe 2015 bullying scandal And when some Duggars walked around the carriages during last year’s child porn trial, she spoke out strongly against Josh.

It wasn’t an easy time to be Duggar, but Amy was doing well – being ready to end her relationship if it meant being on the side of truth and justice.

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It turns out that the reality star had some practice. As she revealed on Monday, she also had to “set boundaries” with her own father. She tweeted:

“My relationship with my father does not exist. He had to set boundaries for protection.

Wow! She did not specify what happened, but it must have been pretty bad. She added for all the other children out there with troubled parents:

“If your day was difficult, you are not alone and I see you. I am sorry that your father did not intervene and was not the loving father you deserve in your life.”

As always, we appreciate that he shares the hard truth.

On a bright note, this message was not on Father’s Day. For the actual day on Sunday, her social media was home to a very sweet and grateful post for the best father in her life – her husband and the father of her child, Dylan King.

I’m so glad it’s interrupting the cycle! Well done to you, gurl!

[Image via Amy Duggar/Instagram.]

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