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SOMERSWORTH, NH (WHDH) – Brothers and sisters Alena and Chance Wilson, whose authorities believe they were abducted by their biological mother Kaylee Nichols from their home in Somersworth, New Hampshire, have been found safe in Maine, according to New York State Police. Hampshire. An amber signal had previously been issued for them.

Alena, 11, and Chance, 8, were last seen at 7:30 p.m. at their residence at 93 Colonial Village Park in Somersworth, where they have lived under their grandmother’s care for the past four years. The grandmother fell asleep at 7:30 p.m. The brothers and sisters were reported missing at 9:45 p.m. when she woke up again and checked on them. Alena is described as a white woman measuring 5’1 ″ or 5’2 ″ with brown hair and brown eyes and is about 96 pounds. Chance is a white man between 4’6 ″ and 4’10 “with brown hair and brown eyes and is about 68 pounds.

Both children appear to have been taken out of their home through a window, police said. Alena’s phone was left on her bed.

Somersworth police have confirmed that Nichols took a 2009 gray Honda Civic from a relative in Maine (Maine Veterans Registration Number 2827A7), and the car was seen later at a year-end event in Summersworth on June 16. . Nichols suffers from drug addiction and is known to have mental health problems. She is 5’1 ″ and is a white woman with brown hair and brown eyes and is about 125 pounds. Her last known address is on Hubbard Road in Lebanon, Maine. Police have received an arrest warrant for Nichols on two counts of interfering with custody.

The grandmother told 7News that she went to check on the children in their bedroom at 9:45 pm and noticed that they were not there. She said she saw the window partially open and could see the screen on the ground.

She told 7News that the children’s father was in their lives, but was unable to support them. He died in a car accident last fall.

A neighbor who had just heard about the news this morning told 7News that the incident made her worse.

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