Mike Pence has never seen a president lie and shift the blame as much as … Joe Biden?

I watch:


KUDLOW: “Have you ever seen a president who refuses to accept guilt and, I want to add, does so many lies – I’m very polite here, calling him lies – lies. He is there every day and says things that are simply not true. Have you ever seen something like this? “

PENS: “Never in my life. I said today that there has never been a time in my life when a president has been more detached from the American people.

Goodness. Where to start?

Well, what about the fact The Washington Post had to come up with a new rating for his fact-checks –The bottomless Pinocchio“Just to come to terms with Trump’s great dishonesty.” Or the fact that Trump said 30,573 th most common publicly lies during his four-year term – an average of 21 per day. Or, hey, I don’t know what to say about the fact that Trump’s biggest, bold, and most pernicious lie – the Big Lie that threatens Western democracy –came 40 feet from Pence’s brutal murder.

The next person to call Mike Pence a hero because he just did his job on Jan. 6 – when he did explore all possible ways to swimming Do your job– You have to watch this video. Does Mikey still think he will be president? I’m sorry, Mike. Your kissing routine was perfect, but you really screwed up. Who exactly do you think will vote for you? When Trump’s human heart failed to reject its host baboon at any point during his four-year rule, it was the end of Pence’s dreams of a presidential fever.

Meanwhile shifting the blame? Uh, good. Remember this?

And remember when Trump actually told the nation’s rulers goes full Highlander in its quest for medical supplies at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Of course, it would be easy to cite many more examples of Trump’s blame and lies, but even during the solstice, there are simply not enough hours of the day to do enough in-depth work. However a brief overview of his finger pointing from a pandemic is a pretty good start.

Republicans always rely on the short memory of society to win elections, although their misfortunes in the White House invariably end in horrific catastrophe. but man this the nonsense is really brazen. Unfortunately, it will probably work wonders with pre-programmed drones that tune into Fox Business for advice on what to do once their cryptocurrencies break down. On the other hand, lies are the only currency that Republicans are really interested in these days.

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