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Microsoft Defender for Android and Windows

Microsoft Defender, a cybersecurity tool for years for business, is now available to the general public. It offers enhanced protection against phishing and malware on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devices. And more importantly, it allows an adult to see the security status of their family members through a simple dashboard.

As explained by Microsoft, the new Defender tool is not a replacement for existing antivirus software (such as Windows Security). This is an additional tool that allows you to master the security of multiple devices, allowing you to detect vulnerabilities or malicious activity through a simple interface.

The new Microsoft Defender app can also scan phishing links, which can be useful if you have family members who aren’t as good at web security. The problem, of course, is that this application requires a subscription to Microsoft 365.

Ah, here it is; you need Microsoft 365 membership to use Microsoft Defender. ass at $ 99 per yearThe Microsoft 365 is actually an amazing deal for families. It can support up to six users, providing access to Office applications, 1TB cloud storage (per user), email and calendar without ads in Outlook and, of course, the new Microsoft Defender application.

Source: Microsoft

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