Microsoft promises labor neutrality in Activision Blizzard, this week in the war against workers

Microsoft has reached a neutrality agreement with America’s communications workers, saying it would not interfere with Activision Blizzard’s union rights if it acquired the video game company. It is believed that this is the first such agreement on neutrality in the technology industry and is large, affecting most of the nearly 7,000 employees of Activision Blizzard in the United States.

In practice, [the neutrality deal] means we’re not going to try to jump in and put our thumbs on the scales, “said Microsoft President Brad Smith. said c New York Times. “We will respect the fact that our employees are able to make their own decisions and have the right to do so.” Imagine that! Respect the ability and rights of your employees to make their own decisions! It seems so simple, but it’s a huge departure from typical corporate practice when we’re faced with the possibility of workers organizing, as we’ve seen recently with the abuse Starbucks and Amazon have accumulated on their union workers.

As some Activision workers protested the company’s sexual harassment and some sought to unite, the company is committed to some of these same union-breaking tactics, so acquiring Microsoft would mean a significant change.

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