Maxim Chmerkovski’s wife Peta Murgatroyd reveals that she has suffered three painful miscarriages in the last 2 years

It’s so heartbreaking.

Maxim ChmerkovskiThe man’s wife reveals that she has had three miscarriages in just two years – and the details are really painful. Speaking of people in Tuesday, Fifth Margatroyd revealed that she first suffered a pregnancy loss during the 2020 pandemic. She was in Whole foods bath for the “shocking” situation, she recalled:

“I was sitting in the bathroom crying. I’m surprised no one came in because I was crying so hard and crying, one of those deep cries. It was something that will probably live with me for the rest of my life, to be alone in this toilet, to know what’s going on and not be able to stop it. “

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The dancer, who also participates in Dancing with the stars together with her husband, she added that the loss of her pregnancy made her feel “ashamed” and “ashamed”, especially because she was proud to be healthy and in the gym:

“I am a person who is proud of my health. I train every day. But as I understand it, this doesn’t really go hand in hand with the reproductive system.

Maxim recalled that it was difficult to hear the news on the phone, adding:

“I think the darkest part is when the person you’re in love with calls you and she says she had a miscarriage in the bathroom, it’s as dark as it can be.”

The tragedy happened again just nine months later, after suffering “months and months of crying” and “much denial.” This time, Peta was about to take a flight to New York to tell Maxim that she was pregnant in person, but instead learned that she had had a miscarriage. She had to call him again to share the devastating news, which made Maxim “really upset”, he said frankly:

“I never thought that two healthy, athletic people could be in trouble like this. It’s a lot to process. “

IN Ukraine comes fromnow a “changed man” of experience, was in her homeland when Peta suffered her third miscarriage in October 2021. She did not know she was even pregnant at the time, but learned when she was sent to hospital with a severe COVID case -19, which left her unable to care for their 5-year-old son Teashe told in detail:

“I did not have the strength. I couldn’t open the dishwasher. I couldn’t open the fridge to feed Shai, to take his toast. It got so bad that my breath started to hurt. It was really dramatic. “

After experiencing so much heartache, she admitted that not knowing it was “better” for her mental health, she explained.

I didn’t have that super happy moment of “I’m pregnant again!” I just had the moment of “You lost it.”

Which we are sure was still just as devastating. Of course, at that time it was also difficult for the couple to separate, the 42-year-old joined in:

“I must not be there [with her]… This is crazy. It makes you feel helpless. ”

Our hearts ache for everything this family has gone through in the last few years!

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Maxim and Peta are open to wanting another child since they met Shai in 2017, so hopefully that will happen someday. They have already started working with a team of specialists and started the process of in vitro fertilization. Peta’s doctors also believe she has polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal imbalance that can cause ovulation and fertility problems. But with her new support system, the 35-year-old feels hopeful about being able to give her son a brother or sister, she concluded.

“For the first time in almost two years, I feel excited. I am in a much happier place. I received answers. “

She continued:

“I have no words but hope and positivity. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will work. “

We send them our wishes and good mood as they try to make this second child a reality! What an emotional journey they have been on. Hear more from her story (below).

Wow … I send them so much love! Thoughts, readers of Perezcious? Let us know (below).

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