Matt Roloff: Building a new home…before Karyn Chandler proposes?

Do you hear them, little people, fans of the big world?

You may need to listen carefully.

But now, perhaps more than ever, we’re pretty sure we can make out the sound of wedding bells…somewhere in the distance, and yet we’re definitely ready to ring at some point.

For Matt Roloff and Karin Chandler.

For months now, Roloff has been steadfast in his plans to get down on one knee in front of Chandler.

Some time ago, he said that he was just waiting for his ex-wife Amy Roloff to marry her second husband Chris Marek (a ceremony that took place in August 2021) because he did not want to steal any of her romantic thunder.

Just this past week, meanwhile, Matt rejected the idea of ​​signing a prenuptial agreement with Chandler – but he didn’t reject the idea of ​​marrying her.

And now? Based on his latest Instagram post?

Karin with Matt R

It looks like Karin and Matt are ready to take another big step in their relationship.

In a post last month, the father of four shared a video of his backhoe being treated with what appears to be a torch.

“Spinning the cutting edge of Track’s hoe bucket,” he wrote in the caption at the time. “Now that the rains are over, I can start digging for the new house.”

A new house?!? Tell us more, Matt…

Matt Roloff and Karin Chandler as a couple

Days after posting his digger update, Matt gave fans a glimpse into the mining process to create foundation of their future home.

Depicting the “northwest” corner of the property, the TLC personality reviews the progress made all the way to the distant red flag showing what will become the southeast corner once it’s dug out.

Then he got technical and added:

“We’re going to drive the house that way instead of that way. So this little teenage maneuver makes me dig a lot.”

Karin Chandler and Matt Roloff in winter

Matt and Karin now own a home together in Arizona.

Roloff has often said he plans to retire there someday, maybe even in the near future… bearing in mind he recently put part of his farm in Oregon for sale.

The decision sparked a nasty family feud, as son Zach in particular seemed angry at the way his father handled the situation.

“My greatest hope was that all of the Roloff Farms property would remain in our family for generations to come. Keeping that dream alive at this point just wasn’t meant to be,” Matt wrote in his defense after receiving criticism for not selling to any of his kids.

Matt Roloff is serious

At that time he continued:

“My twins decided not to consider working together for a possible joint sale.

“Based on that, turning big 60 in my cranky old body, the ongoing maintenance/farm demands – the tough decision was made so I could take steps towards my retirement goals.”

Matt, Karin and an axe

Zack, for his part, disagreed with his characterization of the negotiations, calling it a “shocking new level of cowardice and manipulation” in a comment on his father’s Instagram post.

“This post is grossly misleading and false,” he wrote in a stunning rebuke.

“My dad manipulated the narrative right before the season came out.

“Again, as he has done for most of his life, [he is] does not take responsibility for his own actions and blames others.

“Draging out the family drama he created and then manipulating the fans to make it look good [sic].”

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