Mark Mobius for investor advice on India’s incredible growth opportunity

India is now “emerging as something very exciting,” thanks in part to technology and government policies, according to Mark Mobius.

“We are currently focusing more and more on India,” Mobius, founder of Mobius Capital Partners, told CNBC.Squawk Box Asia“In Tuesday. The veteran investor made his name in Franklin Templeton and is considered a pioneer in emerging markets.

“In many ways, I call it the United States of India because those Indian states are so different from each other. And that creates an incredible opportunity for growth, “he said.

“India is really looking forward to something very exciting.”

Investors who want to take advantage of this opportunity can gain exposure through Indian stock markets, with a special focus on technology, Mobius said.

“There are a number of world-class Indian companies involved in the software business – as you know, Tata is global, they are all over the world,” said the investor regarding the conglomerate with countless businesses ranging from Information technology consulting services to cars.

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He added that a number of other Indian companies, which are already “very, very big” in the global software market, are now entering the hardware space as companies like the technology giant Apple recognize the need to diversify their production base and relocate to the South Asian nation. Mobius did not list any specific companies in this category.

India’s markets have made big profits in the last two years, with Exquisite 50 and BSE Sensex indices will rise by more than 20% in 2021 alone. However, like most global markets, both indices are currently in negative territory so far this year as investors fight for safety against fears of an impending recession, as large central banks in the West tighten monetary policy to fight inflation.

Elsewhere in emerging markets, Mobius said he also likes Taiwan, where companies such as the chip power plant are located. TSMC. It is a place he describes as having “all the best parts of Chinese culture”, an open society and “incredible creativity”.

“Much of the software that comes with chips was created in Taiwan, and that’s what we’re focusing on,” Mobius said.

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