Mark Meadows aide simply implicates “members of Congress” in conspiracy against fake voters

We can be sure that the blood pressure of several members of Congress has just risen above 200. We still do not know the identities of the representatives, but it is very safe to say that the Committee certainly knows who now has a real reason to fear from procedures from that point on. These names will come out when the Committee believes that it will maximize the power of revelation.

Cassidy Hutchinson was an aide to Mark Meadows, Trump’s last chief of staff and a man involved in almost every crime that could arise from the post-election attempt to steal the election. Hutchinson is testing what she noticed today when the plan to nominate fake voters came together. Hutchinson recalled that just in time for Thanksgiving and early December, Rudy Giuliani, Mark Meadows, sen. Ron Johnson (Already covered by this site) participated in the endeavor together with “several members of Congress ” although Hutchinson could not tell which members of Congress were present.

Despite the fact that Hutchinson could not name the representatives according to his personal knowledge, the Committee had and still has countless other ways to prove the identity of who participated in the scheme (which will probably be called a conspiracy). One can responsibly speculate that whichever members of Congress participate in the plan will be among the same representatives who asked for clemency after Jan. 6.

We all have our suspicions about which representatives participated in the scheme. But there is no need to speculate. The Commission will soon confirm his identity.

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