Andrew Sullivan: “There are simply no precedents in history for this kind of attack on the basic principles of the American republic. None. And there is no precedent for a president exposed as a dreamer to continue, insisting that his feverish dream remains a reality, attacking the very legitimacy of our democracy day after day. The idea that he can run again – or become president again – can only be entertained by those who want to end the American experiment.

“Look at the 12-page letter that Trump published in response to the hearings. It’s the work of someone who doesn’t grasp reality, an absurd lie after a lie after a lie, hardly literate, something you’d think was written by a lunatic if you got it in the mail. Any other president would step down on election night. Others with a real case (unlike Trump’s) – Nixon in 1960, Gore in 2000 – knew what their duty was. They were more interested in the republic than in themselves, a concept that is simply beyond Trump’s knowledge. He has never served as president for four years. He once acted only like Trump.

“In the bitter end, he was just a man with a crowd. Not a Republican. Not a politician. Not the president. He is not a member of a political party, but in his own cult. Brainless, furious, harassing thug. The hearings methodically and calmly revealed this, masterfully led by a Republican, Liz Cheney, through testimony provided by a Republican after a Republican witness.

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