Lucille Hadjihalilovich’s body horror fable “Ushonka” goes to Juno Films

Earwig, the English debut of French director Lucille Hadjihalilovich, was presented at the Toronto International Film Festival last year, where it was nominated for a Platform Award and continued until won the Special Jury Prize at the San Sebastian Film Festival. Following its recent release in theaters in the United Kingdom, the horror photo has now been made available in North America, with Juno Films acquiring the rights. Screen Daily reported the news.

Written in co-authorship with Hadjihalilovich and Jeff Cox, the mid-20th-century fable in Europe tells the story of a man (Paul Hilton) hired by a figure known only as a “master” to care for a young girl living in almost solitary confinement (Roman hemelaers) with teeth made of ice, “said the source. “One day he was unexpectedly told to prepare the child to leave.” Romola Garai (“Suffragette”) also participates.

The release is scheduled for July 15, which will be followed in digital form later in the year.

The film is Hadjihalilovic’s first feature film since 2015.Evolution, “A horror story about the worries of a child on the verge of puberty, which also won a special award from the jury of San Sebastian. Her debut in 1996, La bouche de Jean-Pierre, was nominated for the Golden Chamber Award in Cannes. Her other credits include the short films Nectar and De Natura.

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