Love Nature, PBS, Art Commission “Evolution Earth”


Programmer for wildlife and nature Love nature there is a green light series on natural history of five parts “Evolution Earth” in co-production with PBS and Arts. The series produced by A passionate planet and filmed in extreme places around the world, is a study of adaptation stories that illustrate the rapid pace of change happening on Earth, while providing insight into nature’s ability to thrive.

The series includes five films, each showing a different extreme landscape, including Earth, islands, ice, heat and pastures. It will debut on Love Nature’s branded linear and streaming platforms worldwide, PBS in the United States, Arte in France and Germany, and Heavenly nature in the UK and Italy. Blue Ant International monitors the possibilities for international licensing outside the territories for putting into operation.

David Allen is the director of Passion Planet and producer of series with Oliver Twinch. CEO James Manful produced the series on behalf of Love Nature. The executive director responsible for PBS is Bill Gardner, vice president of multi-platform programming and head of development. Arte’s executive producer is Hélène Coldefy, head of fact.


Meanwhile, a British television operator ITV has commissioned a one – off documentary from Spun Gold TV with exclusive access to Camilla Parker Bowleson Duchess of Cornwall, as a guest editor of Country Life magazine to celebrate his 75th birthday. “Camilla’s Rural Life” (working title, 1 × 60 ‘), dir. Michael Waldman (“Inside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”) accompanies the Duchess as she plans and watches a special issue during the magazine’s 125th anniversary, in parallel with her regular royal duties. The producer is Ross Curran and the executive producer is Nick Bullon. He was commissioned for ITV by Joe Clinton-Davis. All3Media International has distribution rights worldwide.

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