Lorenzo Cain hints at retirement after receiving the DFA

Lorenzo Cain completed 10 years of service in the major leagues on Saturday. Having reached this cornerstone, Milwaukee Brewers designate him for appointment. The decision was reciprocal, as Cain had seen his playing time dwindle. After the announcement was made, Cain gave an interview in which he made it seem that retirement was the next step for him.

Players, fans and analysts pay tribute to Lorenzo Cain

Cain was such a positive person to be around. Players, fans and analysts had nothing but good things to say about him when the news broke that he was a DFA. Here are some of the best posts:

Cain began his journey with the brewers

Cain was selected by the Brewers in the 17th round of the amateur draft in 2004. He signed with Brewers on April 24, 2005.

Cain began his professional career in tears. In 2005, his first season as a professional, he hit .341 / .408 / .528 with 78 goals in just 56 games. Of those hits, 18 were doubles, five triples and five home runs. He also drove in 38 runs and stole 12 bases.

The following season, Lorenzo Cain played for West Virginia Power, then the winning A-level affiliate. In 132 games this season, Cain hit .307 / .384 / .425 with six home runs and 60 RBI. He also stole 34 bases and scored 91 runs.

Cain continued to make his way through the major leagues until 2010, when he received a call from Brewers. Left-handed pitcher Doug Davis was on the injured list and Kane was called to take his place on the list. He made his major league debut on 16 July 2010 against the Atlanta Braves.

In the end, Kane played in 43 games for Brewers this season. During this time he hit .306 / .348 / .415. After the end of the season, however, Kane was handed out to Kansas City Royals along with Alcides Escobar, Jeremy Jeffers and Jake Odorici for Junior Betancourt and Zack Greinke.

Kansas City Royals

Despite his early Premier League success with Brewers, Kane did not immediately become part of the Royals. In fact, he appeared in only 67 games for them between 2011 and 2012.

Cain took over the daily central player in 2013. In his first full season in the majors, he hit .251 / .310 / .348. The next season, however, is when Cain becomes a star.

The Royals represented the American League in the World Series in 2014, and their best player was Lorenzo Kane. This season he hit .301 / .339 / .412 with five home runs and 58 RBI.

He was even better in 2015, the year the Royals won the World Series. That same year, Cain hit .307 / .361 / .477 with 16 home runs and 72 RBIs. He made his first team of All Star career and finished third in the AL MVP vote.

Return to Milwaukee

After Cain became a free agent after the 2017 season, he signed with the Brewers on the same day that the team traded for Christian Jelic. In his first season at home in Milwaukee, Kane hit .308 / .395 / .417 with 10 home runs and 38 RBI. He also stole 30 bases for the first and only time in his career. Cain made his second All Star team and finished seventh in the MVP vote.

The following season, Kane played a number of injuries that affected his performance on the record. However, he was still an amazing defender in the center field and won his only golden glove in his career in 2019.

After missing all but five games in 2020, Kane returned to the team in 2021. Unfortunately, injuries and time caught up with him and he was not the same player. He is fighting even harder this season, which led to his DFA from Brewers.

Some fun facts about Lorenzo Cain’s career

  • Lorenzo Kane and George Brett Hall of Fame are the only players to win World Series with the Kansas City Royals and finish in the top three in the AL MVP.
  • Kane ended his career as the third brewers in the history of the Defensive WAR franchise. Only Jim Gantner (9.9) and Carlos Gomez (7.4) have a higher dWAR than Cain (6.9).
  • Named ALCS MVP after hitting .533 / .588 / .667 in four Kansas City Royals games in the 2014 Baltimore Orioles.
  • Played in two world series (12 games) and hit .271 / .375 / .333 with seven marked runs, eight RBI and four stolen bases.

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