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Venus Williams

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Legendary athlete Venus Williams he is usually considered one of the best tennis players of all time. And while she is more than successful on the court, she tends to keep her love life status down.

Venus Williams
Venus Williams (Image Press Agency / NurPhoto / Shutterstock)

At the moment, she has never been married and has no children. In an October interview with Cosmopolitanon 42 years old revealed that he enjoys his freedom and does not allow public pressure to calm down.

“I have a lot of friends who don’t believe me when I say I like my life and I don’t want to change it for any reason. “I’m not desperate and they don’t believe me,” she told the paper. They say things like, “You’re going to miss your window.” I say to myself, “Please relax. You may feel that way, but I don’t. I promise I won’t.

Venus Williams
Venus Williams (Broadimage / Shutterstock)

Venus claims to have been unmarried since 2021, according to An Instagram live history. However, the Grand Slam champion has had some stable long-term relationships in the past, both in the eyes of the media and beyond. Although he often saw a fellow tennis player Riley Guardianship, she dispelled rumors that there are stories on Instagram in 2021. But who exactly was Venus with? Continue reading to learn more details.

Venus began dating a millionaire Nicholas Hammond in 2017, Nicholas is 12 years younger than Venus and is the successor to “a huge communication empireWhich included magazines like TV guide and seventeen.

During their two-year relationship, the couple was no stranger to PDAs. They were present The sister of Venus Serenatheir wedding together, and were photographed to feel cozy while on dinner date in December 2017, “She’s up to his ears,” a source said The New York Daily News when he accompanied her to the Australian Open matches in 2018. Although the two were never engaged, Nicholas gave Venus a symbolic “friendship ring” to honor their commitment.

When it comes to their separation in 2019. Page six reported that the age difference played a role. According to the publication, Venus was ready for marriage and family, while Nicholas is not of the same opinion.

Venus he began to see a Cuban model Elio Pis when he was 24 and she was 32. They both worked on it together fashion line called EleVen and made their first public appearance as a couple in 2012 at the Grand Slam tournament in New York. There, they were spotted holding hands and becoming gentle, he said people. In March 2013, Venus and Elio became hot and heavy on her court in Miami, via The Daily Mail. They eventually separated in 2017, although they were spotted having dinner together the same year, Page six.

Venus Williams Hank Hank Kune
Venus Williams and Hank Kune (Chris O’Meara / AP / Shutterstock)

Venus was romantically associated with the pro-golfer Hank Kune from 2007 to 2010. Not much is known about the nature of their relationship, however, The Daily Mail describes his three-year relationship as “serious” before their separation. In 2011, Hank married a woman named Andy.

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