Long Halloween singer Tim Sale has died at the age of 66

The legendary comic book artist Tim Sale, best known for his work on Batman: Long Halloweendied at the age of 66

Born in Itica, New York in 1956, Tim Sale is an artist who has worked at both Marvel and DC throughout his career and has been awarded the Eisner Prize for Best Artist / Pencil / Ink or Pencil / Ink team in 1999. Best known for his collaboration with Jeph Loeb, Sale was the lead performer of several Batman history. The list included the iconic book, Batman: Long Halloween aand its continuation, Batman: Dark victory.

Batman: Long Halloween usually considered one of the greatest stories of the representation of a crusader with a cloak. Developing in the early days of the Dark Knight’s crime fight, the story focuses on the protagonist, who teams up with Harvey Dent and Commissioner Gordon to destroy the Gotham City mob. Intervention in this plan is a killer known as The Holliday Killer. In addition, the story includes the fall of Dent, who becomes Two-Face at the end of the story and may be responsible for some of the murders. Tim Sale will also make artwork for its sequel, Batman: Dark victory. Unfortunately, Sale’s health is clearly deteriorating.

A legend is being passed on

Earlier this week, fellow DC artist Jim Lee revealed that Tim Sale had been hospitalized for serious health problems that had not been identified. A Sales Representative later confirmed that this was the case. Unfortunately, he died of these problems earlier today. You can see the full DC Comics news release below:

The influence that Batman: Long Halloween has been on the character itself can not be underestimated. The transformation of Harvey Dent into Two Face in the book is considered the final version of the origin of the character. Additional, Long Halloween also served as a major source of inspiration for Christopher Nolan’s 2008 film, the black Knight as well as Matt Reeves The Batman. The story also served as an inspiration for Batman: The Storytelling Series. and was adapted into an animated film of the same name.

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