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Local dispatcher under internal review for comment on 911 in a situation of near drowning

CLARK DISTRICT – The Clark County Sheriff has launched an internal investigation into a dispatcher after a complaint was filed against them over how a specific call was processed by 911 this week.

On Monday, several dispatchers received calls from 911 saying there were many people stuck on the Crazy Rivernear Eagle City Road, and needed help getting out of the water.

On a call to 911, the investigating dispatcher may be heard calling the caller a “little liar.”

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“No, I’m actually trying to see where you are because you’re a little liar,” the dispatcher said in a call to 911, received through a request for public records.

It was this comment that led to the internal investigation and the release of the dispatcher.

In other calls to 911 from the incident, dispatchers worked to keep the panicked group as calm as possible.

“I know this is very difficult and I know you are worried. I have a lot of people trying to get into this water safely to catch you guys, right? Said another dispatcher in a separate call.

Another dispatcher spoke to the mother of one of the people caught, who was disappointed with how long the rescue took.

During the chaos of rescue operations, dispatchers had to work to determine exactly where the stranded group was located.

“I don’t know. We’re in the river. We’re about to drown,” said a caller to 911.

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The dispatcher then asked which river they were in and the caller said they were next to Forest Lake. After this answer, another dispatcher, who is now on leave, commented on one of the blocked people, calling them a “little liar”.

Clark County Sheriff Deb Burchet confirmed to News Center 7 that this particular dispatcher and her comment were at the center of an internal investigation.

“The same day, after a quick initial review of the complaint, the sheriff’s office launched an internal investigation into our response to the 911 call and left the dispatcher on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation,” Burchet said in a statement.

The sheriff said they would launch the investigation when it was over.

We will update this story as we learn more.

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