Liverpool fans have called on the French Interior Minister to resign due to the chaos of the Champions League final | Football news

Liverpool fans have called on French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin to resign after accusing him of lying about the chaos that overshadowed the Champions League final at the Stade de France.

Ted Morris, chairman of the Liverpool Disability Association, painted a harrowing picture of events outside the Paris stadium in the run-up to the club’s 1-0 defeat by Real Madrid on May 28 as he testified before the French Senate on Tuesday afternoon.

Morris targeted Darmanin in particular, who initially blamed the frightening scenes at the feet of fans trying to enter the stadium with fake tickets.

He said: “My wife and I love France and Paris, but you, Mr Darmanin, have lied and I beg you to drop the charge. And if you have the decency to do so, I hope you have the decency to resign. “

Morris was among Liverpool’s tear gas supporters, one in a wheelchair lifted over locked gates by other fans as he tried to escape the melee, and another as an eight-year-old boy with autism who broke away from his father, with whom he was later attacked after reuniting.

Liverpool fans show their tickets as they fight for the Champions League final
Liverpool fans show their tickets as they fight for the Champions League final

Speaking about the wheelchair, he said: “She was lifted by Liverpool fans over the gates because the stewards refused to open the doors for her. When she came out, she was sprayed with tear gas on the way to the station.”

He added: “A major catastrophe has been avoided. No force was able to come to the aid of supporters with disabilities.

“Fans with disabilities were treated like animals. My wife and I were no longer interested in the game at this stage.

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Ted Morris, chairman of the Liverpool Association of Disabled People, will give an account of what happened on the day of the Champions League final to the French Senate on Tuesday.

“We left in the 86th minute and the steward told us we couldn’t get out because some locals were still trying to get into the stadium.

“In the subway – at the exit of the stadium under the watchful eye of the police, a few minutes later – the locals attacked us and it was horrible, especially for supporters with disabilities.

“As we walked towards the station, we hoped that the police would intervene. This is the worst football experience.”

Joe Blott, chairman of the Spirit of Shankly group, accused police of using pre-80s ideas in their treatment of British supporters and insisted that the use of tear gas on innocent fans was “unnecessary.” “.

Liverpool fans - the final of the Champions League 2022

Blot also called on authorities to learn from their mistakes ahead of next year’s Rugby World Cup in France and the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

He said: “The behavior of Liverpool supporters is exemplary.

“We want an apology and the withdrawal of the lies told, and for the supporters who will travel to the Rugby World Cup and the Olympics, a fair investigation.

Hillsborough Survivors and Families Terrified by Similarities

Blott added that the events are blatantly similar to those that took place during the 1989 Hillsborough crash, when 97 Liverpool fans were killed in the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest.

He added: “It’s a story we’ve heard before as football fans – and especially as Liverpool fans, that you don’t blame yourself for everything; you try to point the finger at others, and then, when this myth is dispelled, you choose another and another.

“We are happy to go through each of these myths and reveal what they are – people just don’t take responsibility for the actions they take at night.

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French police are using tear gas against Liverpool fans, and stewards have tried to keep the crowd at bay. Sky News reviewed footage from the Champions League final to find out what really happened tonight.

“We were horrified, as were the Hillsborough survivors and families, by the similarities. We know the truth; it is legally waterproof that no fan was involved in any kind of riot in Hillsborough in 1989, so any gossip from the French authorities proposed, we will certainly dispel. Apparently they were trying to manage and control this on the basis that they didn’t want fans there; they wanted the event, but not the fans.

“They also ignored the information provided to them by the police here that Liverpool fans have behaved flawlessly abroad over the last 10 years. And yet they chose to use a story that suggests there are a bunch of hooligans. “The problem then was that when these hooligans didn’t arrive – because they didn’t exist – they still switched to their own brutal tactics to treat us this way . “

“It’s not just for Liverpool fans, it’s for all football fans.”

Speaking further Sky Sports News on Tuesday morning, John Gibbons of The Anfield Wrap explained how the campaign against treatment is on behalf of the wider football community.

Liverpool fans were left off the field as the opening blow was delayed during the UEFA Champions League final at the Stade de France
Liverpool fans were left off the field as the opening blow was delayed during the UEFA Champions League final at the Stade de France

“You hope to hear more responsibility,” he said. “The quotes we receive from UEFA are a disgrace to be honest with you, so they do not seem to take any responsibility.

“The blame is placed on the fans in the same way as the ministers of the French government. I want responsibility and I also want no football fan to have to put up with what we went through.

“It’s not about Liverpool fans, it’s about all the football fans who feel they can go and celebrate the game. So it was in Madrid, it was in Kyiv and it had to be in Paris.

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Sky Sports News chief reporter Cave Solhekol explains how the Champions League final was delayed, with thousands of Liverpool fans detained in front of the Stade de France.

“You want assurances from UEFA that in the future they will make sure that everything is much smoother and that supporters who have spent a lot of money to be there are treated much better and safer.

“After what we went through, we couldn’t be interested in the result, and that was the Champions League final.”

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