Lightyear worships $ 86 million WW, Jurassic peaks $ 600 million, Maverick approaches $ 900 million – deadline

Update for the latest…: Disney / Pixar Light year was not equal to the dinosaurs or Tom Cruise in international box office this weekend. IN Toy Story spinoff came below forecasts s $ 34.6 million offshore bows in 43 materials markets. This put him in third place among Hollywood movies for the overseas session, after his stay Dominion of the Jurassic world and Top Gunn: Maverick. He debuted worldwide $ 85.6 million.

The good news internationally is that in Latin America, Light year open at № 1 in all markets, making it the best weekend to launch any animated version during the pandemic era. In particular, he published his biggest debut for any animated edition during Covid in Mexico, among others.

However, there are a number of factors that contribute to the inefficiency of the space ranger, many of which Anthony describes. internallyand which apply offshore.

Awareness was high in both areas, but individual products did not always catch the same lightning as their mother ships; the critical results are fine, but not on par with the franchise. Social sentiment in some international markets is also excluded. Although there has been insanely hot weather in parts of Europe – and indeed time is a legitimate problem when it comes to the box office – we cannot put the fact that Light year don’t bring down the Sox at all until then.

Is it a market that supports many big titles? Dominionand in particular MaverickI saw strong positions in this session – so is the family audience distracted, or is it not yet fully returned for those with younger children? Light year a little dropout can still be seen as more vacations begin, but there is only one more weekend before Universal / Illumination’s Minions: The Rise of Gru comes with. (See below for more details as the breakdowns are updated.)

The international leader of the weekend was Universal / Amblin Entertainment Dominion of the Jurassic world which crashed the past $ 500 million on Friday and to date has reached a new stage, exceeding $ 600 million for $ 622.2 million worldwide. Overseas, the dinosaurs added $ 76.1 million on 72 markets this session, a decline of 54%, for an international amount of $ 372.4 million. The total amount in key markets (excluding China) is 35% lower Jurassic world and 18% behind The fallen kingdom at the same point.

JWD sees China to return after recent blockages. The film ranks №. 1 again in the second grader, with another $ 24 million to raise the local cume to $ 92.8 million. Saturday was up 110% on Friday, as it dominated nearly 65% ​​of market share. The film was already the largest imported edition of 2022 and has now surpassed it Free man to become the third largest Hollywood photo of the pandemic.

Still towering, Paramount / Skydance’s Top Gunn: Maverick surpassed $ 800 million worldwide after just 21 days of release on Thursday Tom Cruise’s greatest film in the world. To date, it is valued at $ 885.2 million.

Overseas, a sequel directed by Joseph Kosinski is added $ 39.7 million in 64 markets this framework. This is a slight decrease of 25% compared to last weekend. Offshore cumulation is $ 419 million. Cruz is in Korea today, where the film will be released on Thursday. Yes, $ 1 billion is definitely on the way.


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