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LG's new DualUp monitor

If you are a content creator or developer who wants to achieve more with a new type of computer screen, you will be glad to hear that LG The DualUp monitor is finally available. Instead of your typical widescreen display, this one sits in portrait mode and is ultra high.

LG’s DualUp monitor is essentially two 21.5-inch screens arranged and mixed together, giving you a high 16:18 display with a resolution of 2560 x 2880. Those that have no room for an ultra-wide screen or dual-monitor settings , you can now enjoy the same type of experience in less space.

It looks a little wild at first, but I can certainly see the thought behind its many usage scenarios. LG lists it as a 28-inch display, but you actually get a lot more room to work. The monitor comes with LG’s Ergo stand with a range of movements, including height adjustment, rotation, tilt and swivel, not to mention that it can be mounted on most desks and tables and turn any surface into a workspace.

In terms of specifications, the 28-inch (2560 x 2880) screen with a 16:18 aspect ratio has all sorts of options. It uses the LG Nano IPS panel, covering 98 percent of the DCI-P3’s color gamut and supporting HDR10. However, it contains only 300 nits of brightness, which is not ideal.

In terms of ports, LG’s DualUp includes two HDMI ports, DisplayPort, and can display two inputs at once. In addition, you will receive multiple USB-A 3.0 ports, USB-C with power supply (90w), data transfer, headphone jack and two 7w speakers.

Unfortunately, this is just a QHD panel instead of 4K and you probably don’t want to play at its 60 Hz refresh rate. On the other hand, this is not designed for gamers. Those who wish can take LG 28MQ780-B DualUp display for $ 699 from LG or use the link below.

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