Leah Messer was embarrassed by the fans over the veneer plans

It’s no secret Teen mother fans this Leah Messer gets strange reactions.

She is here, living her best life. Somehow it is never “enough”.

This time Leah started talking to a doctor about planning a cosmetic procedure.

As a result, her own fans are asking her to rethink.

This week, Leah Messer shared a brief visit to the doctor’s office with fans.

She was with her daughters Ali and Alley.

Leah told her followers that she was considering veneers.

Leah Messer recently posted a few photos of her bikini. And the reaction of the fans is very unusual.

Simply put, veneers are false teeth, often made of dental porcelain.

The original teeth are sharpened and artificial teeth are mounted on them on request.

They function like ordinary teeth, but are shiny white – erasing decades of natural wear and tear.

Leah Messer was frightened
Leah Messer suffers from health fears in the trailer for the new season of Teen Mom 2. Now fans are desperate to understand how the situation unfolds.

“I’m at my first facet meeting at Smile Savvy with Dr. Joya Lyons “, shared Leah.

“Ceylan made her facets from her husband, Dr. Drew Lyons, “she’s in detail,” and I’m super excited.

Leah then asked her fans and followers, “What do you guys think?”

Leah Messer on MTV
Lea Messer turns to the camera here as part of Teen Mom’s special crossover in 2022.

Apparently many of Leah’s fans had strong opinions about this.

But first she asked her daughters.

Turning to the twins, Leah asked, “What do you think, boys?”

Capturing Leah Messer's screen
Lea Messer is in the car here and talking to fans on Instagram about her love life.

“I’m excited,” exclaimed one of her daughters.

Leah asked, “About me?”

Together, the girls said, “Yes,” which sparked a family exchange of “I love you.”

Leah Messer sips her celery
Some fans believe that Leah Messer is pregnant. But this drunken bikini photo says otherwise!

Whatever Leah thinks about her teeth, fans don’t see it the same way.

That’s why many people went on social media to think that her teeth were already “perfect”.

“I don’t understand,” wrote a frightened fan. “She has beautiful, natural-looking teeth.”

Leah is inspiring
Leah Messer plans to launch her own self-help brand. But many fans seem to believe she can still take advantage of her own help.

The commentator then predicted: “100% of the veneers will look ugly and make it look more plastic.”

“It will blend in perfectly with the rest of Instagram,” complained the same fan. “Sad.”

“It’s confusing that someone with decent teeth will ruin them with veneers,” said another.

Leah Messer in 2021
Lea Messer has been receiving a lot of negative attention on social media lately. Fortunately, she doesn’t seem to let the haters take her down.

This commentator added bitterly, “I hate this trend.”

Others wrote about Leah’s possible motives for undergoing a lot of dental work.

“Veneers have become a ‘status symbol’ for reality stars,” said one.

Leah Messer rock sports bra
Lea Messer showed off her new figure on Instagram this week. Fans were shocked, but she swears she did everything without plastic surgery!

This fan concluded: “Let’s see in 10 years, when they are no longer on TV, if they can afford the support.”

With these answers in mind, we must remember that ‘maintenance’ must also be one of the incentives for veneers.

We don’t know who’s right, but we know it’s Leah’s body.

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