Lawmakers from the 17th MI GOP call on Partisan Hack AG Nessel to investigate evidence of fraud in the 2000 film Mules

A group of 17 Republican lawmakers in Michigan call on Michigan guerrilla prosecutor General Dana Nessel to investigate very credible evidence of voter fraud by Dinesh D’Souza 2000 mules movie in Michigan.

MI Dem. AG Dana Nessel

100 percent tired reports – The 2000 Mules film is based on geolocation data collected in six key swinging states by Greg Phillips and True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht, which shows bulletin traffickers traveling between at least 10 checkouts with visits to many organizations with non-profit (hiding places) during the early voting in the 2020 elections, all of which, according to lead researcher Greg Phillips, “lean to the extreme left”,

In Michigan, True the Vote focuses only on Detroit, after a stunning early voting card sparked their interest.

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The team of investigators was able to identify at least 500 mules involved in the Michigan ballot trafficking scheme.

Jim Hoft from Gateway Pundit and Patty McMurray from 100 percent tired interviews Greg Phillips and True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht before the release of 2000 mules movie. During the interview, we showed several videos with potential voter fraud of footage from the Detroit box received from Gateway Pundit and reviewed by MC4EI.

Here is a copy of the letter:

Dear Attorney General Dana Nessel,

We are writing to you today urging you to investigate and bring charges if credible evidence is found; the secretary of
Michigan, members of its office and any organizations or individuals for fraudulent crimes
committed in the 2020 elections and the crimes revealed in the documentary 2000 mules.

There are various cases of suspicious activity by the Secretary of State and her office, which are yet to be
investigated by your office, including the following:

• Violation of MCL 168 759 (3): The Secretary of State is using $ 4.5 million in CARES funds for
reckless sending of absentee ballot applications to all registered voters who are not permanent absentee voters
• Violation of the Law on Administrative Procedure: The Secretary of State’s directive issued to Michigan officials
in October 2020, in order to assume that the accuracy of the signatures for absentee voting is in conflict with the enacted state legislation
by the State Court of Claims, Judge Christopher Murray.
The reported lack of response to requests from the Freedom of Information Act made by the Secretary of State from
voters and groups like the Michigan Grassroots Alliance related to the voter lists, Canton Township’s
voters and ballots for the city of Detroit.

With the recent release of the documentary 2000 Mules, there is additional evidence of faces (called
mules) who repeatedly visit ballot boxes and deposit numerous ballots, ostensibly for payment, in the United States
with controversial elections in 2020, such as Georgia and Pennsylvania. One such case involved a “mule” in
Atlanta visits ballot boxes 28 times. Michigan was named as the state that had such mules to influence in 2020
Presidential elections.

We also ask you to consider the role of non-profit organizations run by individuals like Mark
Zuckerberg, who played in the 2020 elections. Receiving non-profit grants from local officials, not from
The Office of the Secretary of State is an unexplored territory, especially when the money is used for drops. 7.6 million
dollars were distributed among 19 municipalities by the Zuckerberg Center for Technology and Civic Life in
form of 474 grants, the most awarded to a state in the nation.

As a senior legal officer in the state of Michigan, you are responsible for enforcing the laws of our state. You
have a legal obligation to investigate reported violations of the law and we urge you to consider the new one
evidence presented in 2000. Mules and to review the security of our elections.

We look forward to your response and the forthcoming investigation into this pressing issue, and we look forward to it
prosecution given this pattern of conflicting behavior.

The letter was signed with “Respect” by 17 Republican MPs. Of the 17 lawmakers, only nine were voted to investigate a lawful allegation of voter fraud in Michigan. The other 8 deputies face candidates in the upcoming primary elections in August.

Here is a copy of the signature page signed by 17 Republicans:

State representatives of the republican Ministry of Interior Steve Kara, Bob Bezot, Brad Packet, Michelle Hoytenga, Terence Mekoski, Julie Alexander, John Riley and Matt Maddock are the only 17 MPs to take electoral fraud seriously. So far (four months before the primary elections in the Ministry of Interior), their appeals to fellow MPs to join them in taking action and help in the forced investigation of the 2020 election results have remained deaf.

Trump-backed rap. Matt Madok (R)

The outspoken representative of MI State Rep. It was Matt Maddock recently punished by Republican spokesman Wentworth and candidate-speaker Matt Hall because of his activism for the integrity of the election and his efforts to help elect future members of the House who take the issue of voter fraud seriously. In what can only be described as petty politics, House leaders deprived Maddock of the opportunity to attend debates and discuss upcoming bills and removed his name from the House’s website. The goal, of course, is to delegitimize Maddock, Michigan’s most popular ordinary Conservative MP, and the person Trump has approved to become the next Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Former Chairman of the Oversight Committee of the House of Representatives and I want to be Speaker of the House of Representatives Matt Hall is № 1 top scam on the list of lawmakers calling on Nessel to investigate the evidence from the movie “2000 Mules”.

After hearing the testimony of numerous witnesses to election fraud, Hall dismissed each one. The cowardly MP left the chairman of the Senate oversight body of the Senate Ed McBroom (right) to take the arrows for his ridiculous final report on voter fraud in Michigan, which was used to support the claims of Democrats that 2020 is the safest election in history. Hall, who heard credible examples of voter fraud, never stepped forward to call for a forensic audit of the election.

Hall, who suddenly takes a seemingly serious interest in electoral fraud, faces an opponent of fairness in the upcoming primary elections in August. On Monday, the former state senator of the Ministry of Interior and leader of the integrity of the elections and author of “Coup d’etat 2020”, Patrick Colbeck, will speak on behalf of Dr. Gary Mitchell on display at 2000 mules. Kolbeck supported Mitchell in his main race against the current Matt Hall.

Speaker of the MI Chamber Jason Wentworth (left) and Wanna-be Speaker, Caucasus Speaker Matt Hall (right)

When it comes to dealing with credible allegations of election fraud in Michigan, Rep. Steve Johnson (R), who became Speaker of the House of Representatives after the November election and is also a member of the Electoral and Ethics Committee, is one of the most influential members of the state legislature. Johnson disappointed Republicans when he threw the ball into voter fraud investigations.

During an exclusive interview with 100 Percent Fed Up in June 2021, rep. Johnson mocked the Arizona court audit. Johnson laughed as he told me, “It’s a joke – it’s a waste of effort – it was a disaster.” Johnson, if he is aware that AZ’s audit was largely stalled because Democrats were obstructing the process and trying to prevent the audit? Johnson rejected my explanation, saying: “They are they need proof of fraud, “he said, explaining that he was” not on this path “in an election audit in Michigan, telling me that MI Benson’s MI Sec has already conducted several audits and manual censuses.

Steve Johnson, chairman of the House oversight committee

Representative of freshman Ken Borton, which represents a solid red area, attends a voter fraud event in Antrim Co., Michigan. Borton approached Mike Lindell in the VIP area and asked for a photo. When I asked Ken to tell Mike what he was doing to deal with the legitimate allegations of voter fraud, he quickly left.

MI State Representative Ken Borton (R)

Borton will face Republican Kim Morley in the upcoming primary election in August in four months. Morley, who is a strong opponent of Borton, is openly committed to “committing himself to investigating legitimate allegations of voter fraud and supporting the Secretary of State, who is responsible for enforcing our current election laws, not for sending ballots by mail en masse.” . Morley supports “the use of ID and signature to address fears of voter fraud in Michigan.”

Curiously, after two years of inaction on voter fraud, Borton’s name appeared at the bottom of the letter to Nessel.

Now that the letter is there, let’s see how strongly these lawmakers are pushing to get Michigan’s Partisan AG to act at their request.

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