Lauren Bobert is as ignorant about gun control as she is about anything. Her latest tweet proves it

At first, people tried to enter some data into the equation.

Given that Boebert believes it Jesus would make sure to carry an AR-15 and arm his apostles to take down who exactly? Spoiler alert: Boebert believes that the Jews, not the Roman prefect Pontius Pilate, killed Jesus of Nazareth.


There’s also the tendency of Bobert and other Second Amendment fetishists to conflate the American Revolutionary War with whatever they think they’re doing these days.

There have been some attempts to help Boebert get to where he needs to be.

And some tried to remind Boebert and others how he is not scared of the things the Republicans and other fake gun trios really are.

And here’s a way to remind you how the guy the mainstream media likes to say is well-educated and was on the “debate team” rocks that same analysis of world events.

Finally, because regulating things like guns works.

Sign the petition to Congress: Ban the vending machines.

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