Lauren Beabert mispronounces America as she growls at the Second Amendment

Representative Lauren Beabert spoke out against the Senate Arms Control Bill while misrepresenting America.

Beaver tweets:

Beabert was trying to argue that the Constitution is absolute when there are many changes to the Constitution. For example, slavery is illegal and Lauren Beabert can vote and run for office. If we hadn’t compromised / changed the Constitution, Bobert would not be where he is today.

The Second Amendment is also subject to judicial interpretation and is not absolute. The courts have ruled that the Second Amendment is not an absolute right.

In the House, the votes of a constitutional scholar and expert like Jamie Ruskin and a man who can write America like Lauren Biebert are equal.

Representative Bowbert has no idea what he’s talking about, but if Republicans win back a majority in the House, it will have more power in the legislature than Republicans. Ruskin.

Bobert warned that anyone vote for arms control is not on the side of Ameirca, which is good, given that the vast majority of Americans want stricter gun control laws.

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