Latest news about the war between Russia and Ukraine: Live updates

BRUSSELS – The European Commission has recommended that Ukraine become a candidate for EU membership, a major step that adds a significant boost to the country’s campaign to join the bloc.

In a statement issued on Friday, the EU executive said Ukraine and fellow candidate Moldova should be provided candidate status provided they improve their judiciary and other elements of their governments, said commission chair Ursula von der Leyen.

“Ukraine clearly demonstrates the country’s commitment and commitment to living in line with European values ​​and standards,” she said. Despite the war, “we applied the Commission’s strict standards in evaluating these applications for membership,” she added.

The recommendation, which comes a day after German, French and Italian leaders voiced support, still does not grant candidate status – the first step on the path to membership – but supports the cause of Eastern European countries to head to the European Council summit. next week. To move forward, all 27 Member States must agree. Even if they do, full membership can take many years.

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