Kyleen Lowry admits: Chris Lopez is the best D-ck I’ve ever had!

All right.

That explains it, boys.

For years, followers of celebrity gossip and MTV viewers have been asking a simple question when it comes to Kyleen Lopez:


Why, dear God, why was Cain constantly coming back to Chris Lopez in the past?

Yes, the Teen Mom 2 star seemed to have legitimate feelings for her ex-boyfriend when they had unprotected sex and had their first son together, Lux.

But then Lowry imposed a restraining order against Lopez.


Kyleen Lowry: Chris Lopez strangled me and now he's lying about it

“I know the situation is not perfect,” Lowry said in February 2020, after announcing that she was pregnant again with Lopez’s child.

“However, the absolutely false and slanderous statements that people make about me because of this are out of control.”

“At the end of the day I have three children who are happy, healthy and wonderful children.

“I know I’m ready to raise another baby on my own and we’re all so excited to have him in our family.

Cain Lowry in 2022

This brings us to the latest part of Lowry’s podcast, Barely Famous.

Speaking to guest Sofia Franklin about casual sex, Lowry jokingly said on the air: “I tried it once and now I have two children with him.”

This was obviously a reference to Lopez.

“He was the one who lived in the shed and had a mattress on the floor,” Kahlin added, casting a shadow over her ex.

Instagram by Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez is now the father of three children. He has two sons by Kyleen Lowry and a third by someone else.

“But he probably had the best d-ck ever,” Sofia replied.

“He did, yes,” agreed Kailin, who then burst out laughing.

So here it is.

There’s a reason Lowry just can’t stop traveling to Pound Town with Chris Lopez.

Xavi Marokin to Kyleen Lowry: Let's get married!  Again!

He obviously couldn’t stop him, although Lopez is said to be trying to end his life at some point.

“Chris almost killed me in October 2019 through domestic violence,” Lowry told Dr. Drew Pinsky at the Teen Mom special collection this spring.

“I just haven’t figured out the right moment or way to tell my whole story,” Lowry added.

“I don’t think that’s something that people talk about openly.”

Capturing the screen of Kyleen Lowry

To her credit, it seems that Lowry is finally moving forward.

She’s dating someone named Elijah Scott and it looks like she’s done with reality TV.

“I have to move on, I think I have to do my thing,” she told Dr. Drew in May.

“I think this should be my farewell.

“I think I’m ready, I think we just need to break up, I think this should be the end.”

Kyleen Lowry in her Insta
Kyleen Lowry is smiling here in a photo she posted on her personal Instagram page.

Will Lowry keep this vow?

Will she really leave Teen Mom 2?

We’ll find out soon enough.

We hope she never returns to Chris Lopez’s bedroom.

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