Kidoodle Streamer receives an investment from TriWest Capital Partners

KidoodleThe streaming service for children, which is considered a safe environment for young viewers as well as advertisers, received a $ 62 million investment from Canada TriWest Capital Partners.

The deal estimates the 10-year-old Calgary-based digital media company at $ 465 million. Kidoodle offers a range of streaming subscription channels that include content hand-picked to suit impressive young minds. In addition, there are ad-supported levels that promise to offer a carefully controlled environment for age-appropriate advertising.

Kidoodle, owned by A Parent Media Co., saw rapid growth during the pandemic and is looking to take advantage of both ends of the streaming video growth curve: subscription and ad-supported. Kidoodle has ad filtering technology that is also licensed to other users, as concerns about the spread of unwanted content online are growing among mass digital publishers.

As part of the investment, John Spencer of TriWest Capital joined Kidoodle’s board of directors.

“Management’s vision has enabled APMC to build industry-leading advertising technology to provide solutions to open media platforms, while prioritizing child protection in a fast-growing and changing industry,” Spencer said. “TriWest is excited to be part of the company’s next phase of growth and is proud to partner with a team committed to the family values ​​that APMC represents.”

The interest of the Canadian private investment company in Kidoodle is confirmed by the entrepreneurs who pursued their vision of a child-safe streaming platform long before the streaming wars broke out. Kidoodle is available in about 160 markets worldwide. The company has mostly licensed content, but is increasing the production of originals.

“We feel that this alignment confirms the achievements we have made so far and our commitment to families worldwide at a time when child protection is most needed,” said Kidoodle founder Michael Lowe, who lists his title as CEO. and father. Neil Gruninger is also listed as the founder and president, as well as “uncle”.

“As we face a period of time in which the safety of children must be the most important conversation, we are committed to changing the story,” Grueninger said. “We are excited that TriWest has joined the Kidoodle.TV family and we have worked hard to agree with a financial partner who understands not only the opportunity, but that families must come first. It’s part of our DNA. “

The pact between A Public Media Co. and Kidoodle came together with the help of Fred Manicks Jr., a successful Canadian polo player who became CEO of investment banking.

“This is a business with a positive impact. As a father, it was important for me to stand behind the strong work ethic and commitment to child safety that this company represents, ”said Manix.

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