Kevin Smith talks about the NFT edition of his horror anthology

Kevin Smith’s latest release, Kilroy was here will be his most unconventional. The Officials director known for his multimedia projects in comics, podcasts, books, films, live events, pop-ups and more is now making history by releasing his horror anthology as the first feature film to debut as an NFT. With the crypto craze still going strong, Smith is taking advantage of the exposure of his film in a way that no other director has done before. A throwback to 80s horror movies Kilroy was here The NFT will come with exclusive content from the film, behind-the-scenes footage and a commentary track for those lucky enough to catch this limited edition.

Ahead of the film’s debut as an NFT release, I had the chance to speak with the indie filmmaker about the film and his decision to release it using this new platform. We also discussed fan reaction to this choice and how the internet has changed the filmmaking process forever. We also talked about the upcoming release of Clerks 3 and what can happen to long pregnant women Twilight of the Little Rats. Check out my full interview with Kevin Smith in the embed above.

Kilroy was here is set to release via Legendao with a limited run of 5555 NFT before receiving a traditional release at a future date.

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